Warmboard Comfort System

The fastest to install, most efficient, trouble free hydronic radiant system ever created

Warmboard Comfort System (WCS) includes everything needed for a state-of-the-art hydronic radiant floor heating system. All you need to do at the start of the process is supply the construction documents for your individual project. From those plans our engineers perform a complete heat loss analysis as the starting point to create your mechanical design. Then we produce several pages of additional construction documents. These pages should be bound into the larger document set known as the “job copy” which is kept on the project site. Your contractor can rely on these plans for a quick and efficient installation. These pages clearly detail the quantities, locations and installation methods for every component of your radiant heat flooring system. Through this meticulous attention to detail, we ensure that all components of your radiant floor heating systems are correctly engineered to your plans, are installed correctly, and will function flawlessly together. This is a level of service and thoughtfulness found only with Warmboard Comfort System.

With our easy to follow plans and fully integrated components, our radiant heat system can be quickly installed error free by any general contractor or journeyman plumber in just a fraction of the time of other radiant options. This is because all components are pre-commissioned, tested, and assigned unique, wireless network address codes before we ship them to you. To ensure no mistakes during installation, all components have color coded labels which match the color codes on your custom plans – as simple as paint by numbers. It’s an elegant plug and play approach that will wring many days of costly labor and head scratching out of the installation process while ensuring your peace of mind. There’s no need for a complicated set up, specialized trades, or a large dedicated mechanical room. Enjoying hot water radiant floor heating systems has never been this quick, easy or affordable.

  • Warmboard Comfort System (WCS)
  • Warmboard Comfort System includes:

    • A comprehensive heat loss analysis as the starting point for custom engineering your home’s system
    • WCS Design Drawings showing panel, tubing, plumbing and electrical layouts for your project
    • Warmboard radiant panels
    • Tubing and manifolds
    • Warmsource, our compact “mechanical room in a box” (pre-commissioned boiler, pumps, controls, etc.)
    • Our patented “Smart Reset” technology which ensures fast response, consistent with low water temperatures for maximum comfort and energy efficiency
    • Wireless Manifold Controllers with plug and play actuators
    • Wireless thermostats which combine beauty and remarkable ease of use


Warmsource is our "mechanical room in a box", and requires only a tiny footprint in your floor plan. What used to waste many square feet in a boiler room is now pre-plumbed and pre-wired in a simple, compact and attractive stainless steel, wall-hung cabinet. Warmsource contains an ultra-efficient boiler plus all needed hydronic and electronic components, including our amazing Smart Reset Controller (SRC). Traditional in-floor heating systems of the past necessitated the complexities of individually designing, sourcing, laying out, then custom assembling these components using highly specialized and therefore costly labor. What these remarkably complicated systems took several days to complete, can be accomplished with Warmsource in far less time by the same trades already building the rest of your home.

  • Warmsource
  • Warmsource
  • Smart Reset Controller

    Located inside Warmsource, the SRC communicates wirelessly with Manifold Controllers and Warmboard thermostats to precisely control and modulate temperatures for each zone. There is no need for a specialist to calculate supply temperature as this is automatically set by our proprietary algorithms. This is a much smarter approach which leads to less labor through faster and less complex installations, faster response, and maximum energy efficiency. These factors dramatically bend the cost curve down while bending your comfort curve up.

  • Manifold Controller

    Located inside each manifold cabinet,the MC connects to actuators and then wirelessly communicates with the SRC to open and close valves, optimizing temperatures in every zone. And because of the power of the algorithm in the SRC in combination with our ultra-accurate thermostats, we can precisely control room temperature within a one degree range, where previously three degrees of inaccuracy has been tolerated.

  • Warmsource
  • Warmsource
  • Thermostats

    These are perhaps the most beautiful thermostats ever designed. Warmboard thermostats are elegantly simple and were designed to blend in naturally with your home’s decor. These touch-screen, high resolution e-ink displays offer intuitive control for every zone in the house. Easy to follow, on-screen instructions combined with a user-friendly graphic interface, eliminate the need for reading a manual to enjoy all the programming options. Whether heating, cooling, or enjoying our new floor-warming feature for bathrooms, these thermostats ensure constant comfort.

  • Bridge

    The Warmboard Comfort System operates on a secure and hidden wireless network. The Bridge provides remote access to that network, allowing you to set back the temperature as you head off on vacation and return to the previous settings before you arrive home, using your iOS or Android device. The Bridge also enables your system to receive software updates via the cloud. Should the need arise, and only with your prior approval, the bridge can provide remote access by an authorized Warmboard representative to troubleshoot and fix errors in the unlikely event that an installation error occurs. But be assured, we respect your privacy. We consciously and specifically engineered the Bridge so it is not capable of and therefore cannot possibly be used to collect any data on how you live in your home.

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