Warmboard Comfort System

A modern radiant heat system for the 21st century, combining convenience, performance and technology.

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The methods for creating, designing and installing a hydronic radiant floor heating systems have changed little in the last 70 years. By combining the latest hardware and software, Warmboard has created a solution that is easier to manage and simpler (and faster) to install while offering unprecedented performance, efficiency and response times. With over 20 years in the industry, we’ve worked on more radiant heat system jobs than probably anyone else. We know what works. And we’ve designed WCS to be smarter for both installers and homeowners. It is wholly unique in the industry and represents the future of indoor comfort. Customers are empowered to select their preferred fuel source from natural gas or propane boilers, or electric air-to-water heat pumps.

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How It Works

WCS provides everything necessary to heat your home (panels, tubing, manifolds, controls, thermostats, boiler and/or heat pump). Every item in WCS has been designed to work in tandem, offering an end-to-end solution that borders on plug-and-play. Design, purchase and installation has been streamlined, and advanced algorithms monitor temperatures in real-time while touch-screen thermostats maintain temperatures with 1º of accuracy.
The result is a radiant heating system unlike anything else in the industry.

Step 1: Design

We work with you to design a system specific to your home, from panel type and zoning preferences, to heat loss calculations, tubing layouts and hardwood direction.

Step 2:Shipping

When the design is approved, we send everything in staged shipments based on the needs and timing of your project.

Phase 1: Panel Shipment
Phase 2: Tubing and Manifolds
Phase 3: Boiler (and/or Heat Pump) and Controls

Step 3: Installation

We work with your crew to ensure that the installation goes smoothly — panel and tubing layouts, hanging the boiler, installing the heat pump, connecting the lines and testing the system.

Changing the Standard

Traditional hydronic radiant in-floor heating systems are complex, requiring multiple individuals to handle the many aspects of the project; from design and purchasing, to scheduling, assembly and installation. There are many moving parts, and every system is designed differently, using different parts and materials from a variety of vendors. It is time-consuming and expensive.

From Design to Details

With the Warmboard Comfort System you have a single point of contact for the entire heating system. We partner with you to manage, design and coordinate shipments according to your schedule. And because we’ve designed the whole system, we have the insights for every aspect of your project — whether you have questions about zoning, boiler connections, hardwood installation, or technical questions – we have your answers.

Plug and Play Comfort

Installation of WCS is like nothing else in the industry. While traditional hot-water radiant floor heating systems can take many weeks of highly specialized labor, our system can be completed in just a couple days, with some aspects completed in mere hours using your regular building crew and plumber.  

Simplified Labor

Customers who choose WCS can expect 25–50% lower labor costs compared to other systems – particularly important with the current labor shortages. Contractors can get much more work done in far less time. Here’s how:

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With few caveats, the Warmsource boiler installs the same way as a domestic water heater — hang it on the wall, vent it, then connect water and gas. Your go-to plumber should be able to handle this with no problem. For some of the more radiant-specific nuances, we have videos, documentation and phone support. You’ll be in good hands.
With a modulating pump inside our Warmsource and actuator controls inside every manifold cabinet, complex mechanical rooms disappear. Custom and highly specialized mechanical requirements are reduced dramatically.
The Warmsource-HP simplifies install and design by arriving pre-plumbed with necessary primary and secondary pumps; each sized correctly by Warmboard’s Design team to assure the system performs optimally. It includes a glycol feeding system to assure your heat pump can weather any storm. Boost heating design is also taken care of to assure system performance in cold weather.
Radiant systems use one thermostat per zone, with each thermostat requiring many wires to be run to and from the boiler room. Warmboard thermostats communicate wirelessly and only require some Romex for power. Wire up a J-Box, snap in the thermostat, and you’re done!
Radiant systems require the boiler and controls to be configured once everything has been installed. But we pre-configure everything prior to shipment. Just follow our plans, plug everything in where it belongs, and you’re good to go. It all just works!
All components in the Warmboard Comfort System are labeled and color-coded. Inside the manifold cabinet, connect the actuator above each loop to the corresponding color on the side of the Manifold Controller. Once done, then snap in the thermostat with the same color label. Easy.

Additional Benefits

  • WCS requires far less space for its mechanical components. A few feet on a wall in the garage/basement or a small closet is all you need. Recover several square feet of space back to your home and use it for something more useful
  • Our intuitive, touch-screen thermostats can get your custom program up and running in just a few taps – just set it and forget it. They even have a “Vacation Mode” to turn down the whole home while you’re away. These thermostats were designed to blend in with your home’s decor and not constantly light up every time you walk by
  • Available in primary bathrooms, WCS has a “floor warming” feature which homeowners to enjoy all year round. Take the edge off the tile floor without heating the entire room
  • Use “Construction Mode” before the home is finished to test the system, acclimate hardwood flooring or keep the job site warm during the cold season — all this before needing to install the controls
  • System components communicate wirelessly on a closed-loop network using the LoRa (long range wireless radio frequency technology) protocol — no need for separate networking items or knowledge for things to work
  • See all the benefits of hydronic radiant heat


WCS how components work

Warmboard Radiant heat panel

Radiant Heat Panels: Warmboard’s panels are the industry leader, offering seamless integration with light-frame construction practices. We’ll work with you to help determine which panel is best for your project.

Warmboard pex tubing

Tubing and Manifolds: After designing the panel layouts, we know the exact number of manifolds and amount of PEX tubing your project requires. Our plans detail the length of each loop and the location of each manifold.

Warmsource boiler - Lochinvar

Warmsource® Boiler: Available in either Natural Gas (N) or Propane (P), Warmsource is a high-efficiency boiler with a 10 to 1 turndown ratio and primary and secondary pumps, allowing for optimal performance and efficiency. Inside Warmsource is our patented Smart Reset Controller (SRC) — a device that wirelessly communicates with each zone, then adjusts water temperatures quickly to optimize comfort throughout. Warmsource is also available in a side-by-side configuration called Warmsource Flex.

Warmsource HP

Warmsource HP: For those choosing to go electric instead of gas, our Warmsource HP pairs with an outdoor air-to-water heat pump for a new level of comfort and efficiency. Our engineers applied decades of experience to provide the world’s first fully pre-configured plug-and-play radiant system using a heat pump. Backed by 3 capable Space Pak models, we’ll design a system that works for you even in the most frigid environment.

Warmboard Controls and Actuators

Controls and Actuators: Located inside each manifold cabinet, the Manifold Controller (MC) connects to the actuators on each manifold, then communicates wirelessly to the SRC to open and close each loop based on the needs of the zone.

Warmboard Thermostat

Thermostats: Warmboard’s touch-screen thermostats are easy to program and even easier to use. They measure temperatures to 1/100th of a degree, and wirelessly communicate that information back to the SRC once per minute. The SRC’s patented algorithms monitor these temperature changes and adjust output to these zones depending on the rate of change, reacting to the needs of each zone in real time.

Warmboard bridge

Bridge: The Bridge connects to the Internet through a secure and hidden wireless network to update essential software and maintain an accurate date and time across all thermostats. The Bridge also allows us to remotely diagnose performance issues without compromising your privacy. Finally, you will be able to use your smart phone to access Vacation Mode, a setting which maintains a minimum temperature of 55ºF while you are away for extended periods of time.

Getting Started

The first step is to supply Warmboard with the construction documents for your project. From there, our in-house engineers perform a complete heat loss analysis as the starting point to create your mechanical design.

Submit your floor plans

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Ensuring Seamless Installation with the Warmboard Comfort System

Once the system is approved, we produce several pages of construction documents which can be bound into the larger “job copy” document set that is kept on the project site. Your contractor relies on these plans for a quick and efficient installation. These pages detail the quantities, locations and installation methods for every component in the system. Through this meticulous attention to detail, we ensure that all components are correctly engineered to your plans and will function flawlessly together. This level of service and thoughtfulness is found only with the Warmboard Comfort System.

With our easy-to-follow plans and fully integrated components, WCS can be confidently installed by any general contractor or journeyman plumber in just a fraction of the time of other hydronic radiant heat systems. There’s no need for a complicated setup, specialized trades or a large, dedicated mechanical room. Enjoying radiant heat has never been this quick, easy or affordable!

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