Warmsource Boiler

Radiant Floor Heat Boiler, the heart of WCS

Powering the future of radiant floor comfort 

The Warmsource boiler is the heart of the Warmboard Comfort System (WCS). It delivers unparalleled efficiency and performance, transforming your home into a sanctuary of comfort. Experience the ultimate in hydronic radiant heating technology, designed to work seamlessly with Warmboard panels for whisper-quiet, consistent warmth from the ground up.

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Radiant Heat Boiler

The Warmsource radiant heat boiler heats the water that flows through hidden pipes in the Warmboard panels installed on your floor. Enjoy year-round peace of mind with advanced technology and exceptional reliability.

This product is an exclusive component of Warmboard Comfort System (WCS)

WCS uses proprietary, plug-and-play controls including thermostats, Manifold Controllers, and a Smart Reset Controller (inside Warmsource Boilers). These items CANNOT be exchanged with alternative products.

Radiant Heat Boilers and Heat Pumps by Heat Source

The Warmsource Boiler from Warmboard isn’t one-size-fits-all. We understand varying needs and fuel availability, which is why it comes in four distinct versions to match your heat source preferences and environmental commitments. Here is the list:

1. Electric Heat Pump: Warmsource-HP

The Warmsource-HP takes the performance and technology Warmboard is known for, and combines it with the efficiency of an electric, air-to-water heat pump.

Inside a proprietary, pre-configured Smart Reset Controller optimizes water temperature based on the needs of each zone to maximize comfort and efficiency.

The unit contains a constant speed primary pump(s) and variable speed secondary pump depending on the project.

All pumps are stainless steel and manufactured by Grundfos. Also included is a 4.4 or 6.7 gallon stainless steel expansion tank and a brass inline air separator. For larger systems an external expansion tank can be utilized and will be designed to plug and play by the Warmboard design team.

  • All units measure 16.9″w x 29″h x 20.1″d

  • All plumbing uses 11/4″ SWT fitting with union

  • All units rely on 110v/6.3 Amp power

2. Natural Gas: Warmsource-NG

Warmsource for natural gas features a Lochinvar Noble boiler with a modulating burner using a 10:1 turndown, condensate trap and an ASME stainless steel heat exchanger. Vertical and  horizontal direct-vent via PVC, CPVC, Polypropylene or SS venting up to 100 feet. These units have zero clearances to combustible materials and come with a 10 year HEX warranty, and a 5 year parts warranty. Inside, a proprietary, pre-configured Smart Reset Controller optimizes water temperature based on the needs of each zone to maximize comfort and efficiency. Two variable speed, stainless steel Grundos pump(s) are included inside the housing, along with a 4.4 gallon stainless steel expansion tank and a brass inline air separator.

3. Liquid Propane: Warmsource-LP

Same as Warmsource-NG, this version features a Lochinvar Noble boiler that works with liquid propane as its energy source, instead of natural gas.

Side-by-side format for Natural Gas or Propane: Warmsource Flex

The advanced boiler for the WCS. Warmsource Flex brings the same performance benefits as our regular gas and propane powered Warmsource unit, but in a side-by-side format, which may be helpful for installing in different configurations based on the available space or ceiling heights.

  • Units measure 17″W x 48″H x 18″D

No matter your preference, each Warmsource Boiler boasts high efficiency, whisper-quiet operation, and seamless integration with our radiant heating system. Our team of experts can help you choose the model that best suits your needs and experience the unparalleled comfort of radiant warmth on a whole new level. Contact us to get started.

Choosing the Right Boiler

We will help you choose the best boiler based on your radiant heat project requirements. Submit your floor plans today to get a Free Preliminary Design for your custom project.

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Where to install the Warmsource Boiler?radiant heat boiler diagram

Like all major appliances, the Warmsource makes some noise and may be disruptive if installed near a bedroom or common living space.

Garages and basements are the better choice. Install the unit in the location shown on the Equipment and Piping Layout in the WCS Plan Set. If this location needs to change, speak to your Project Manager before making those changes.

How does a boiler heating system work ?

A radiant heat boiler, like the Warmsource Boiler, operates quite differently from a traditional forced-air system. Radiant heat boilers heat water, then pump it through pipes in your floor or walls through radiant heat panels. These pipes act like radiators, warming the room directly with gentle, even heat. No drafty air, just comfort from the ground up.

Warmsource-NG technical specs:
warmsource boiler specs

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