Radiant Heat Panels

Warmboard has been the leader in radiant subfloor panels for home heating over 20 years, using the highest quality wood products and thick, pure aluminum.

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Warmboard industry-leading hydronic radiant heat panels are bonded to thick, 1070 aluminum alloy which covers every square inch of the panel surface, including all tubing channels. This highly conductive surface ensures heat is spread quickly and evenly throughout the home, providing faster response times and lower energy usage than any other system. Tubing channels are spaced every 12 inches and hold ½” PEX tubing. You can use any type of flooring you wish over our Warmboard panels, and only Warmboard has letters of recommendations and warranty letters from both tile and hardwood companies.

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Every Warmboard project includes a full set of construction drawings noting where to install each panel. We offer two panel options, each offering the same exceptional performance. Every Warmboard project includes easy-to-follow, color-coded plans to guide the installation. Ready to start your project? Submit your floor plans.


Warmboard-S is a 1⅛” thick tongue and groove structural subfloor panel. Panels measure 4’ x 8’ and are made from 7-ply Douglas Fir. Warmboard-S typically installs directly over joist (16” spacing is ideal) or concrete by a standard framing crew. Panels can be cut, glued and nailed just like traditional subfloor. Warmboard-S panels are very durable and can endure the rigors of a jobsite. Warmboard-S is rated Exposure 1 by the APA.

Benefits of Warmboard-S

  • The same labor used to install a subfloor can install Warmboard-S
  • No extra sills or seismic shear engineering required
  • Stronger, flatter and smoother surface for flooring
  • No weight issues or drying times to worry about when compared to high mass systems
Wmb-S Panel Types

Warmboard-S consists of four panel types: Straight, Right, Left, Double. Each panel is color-coded – simply grab from the stack and place according to the plan sets.


Designed specifically for remodels, this full-faced overlay panel typically installs over concrete or existing subfloor. Panels are 2’x4’, 13/16” thick and made from high quality OSB. While we design the panel layouts for you, field modifications can be made easily to accommodate any needs.

Benefits of Warmboard-R

  • Easy to install by professionals or skilled DIYers
  • Easy to adapt to onsite changes
  • Can be installed in walls or ceilings if floors need to be maintained
  • Tubing layouts are flexible and can be revised on site
Wmb-R Panel Types

Warmboard-R consists of two radiant heat panel types: Straight and Turn. These panels are color-coded and layouts can be easily adapted on site as needed.

Limitless Flooring

Unike other radiant products, you can use any type of flooring over Warmboard panels – wide plank hardwood, thick carpets, tile or vinyl.


Limitless flooring panels

Low Water Temperatures

Warmboard panels offer superior performance, and that means you can use much lower water temperatures than other systems, be more comfortable and save even more energy.

In-House Design Team

We design the optimal panel layout for your project, including zoning preferences, manifold locations and loop lengths for your tubing.

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Tubing and Manifolds

As part of our commitment to simplifying the processes around ordering radiant heat, we offer tubing and manifolds with each job. Our designs already know what you need, and how much. With a word, we can add them to these items to your order and you’ll have one less thing to worry about.