Experience unmatched comfort, low energy bills, design freedom and calming silence.


We’re all familiar with the downsides of forced air heating, but they’ve become so ingrained we can forget how many drawbacks we’ve learned to tolerate. It wakes us from our sleep, heats unevenly, spreads dust and germs and rarely makes us feel truly comfortable as we move from one room to the next. Warmboard provides a solution that makes sense on every level – silent, clean, energy efficient and exquisitely comfortable.

Constant Comfort

With gentle warmth beneath every step, comfort is guaranteed wherever you go. Our highly-conductive radiant panels heat your home faster than any other radiant option – with no hot or cold spots. And with no noisy fans turning on and off all day and night, you’ll enjoy a tranquil home. Every component in the Warmboard Comfort System is optimized for maximum performance and comfort.


An essential ingredient to comfort is control. With zoning, you can set each room to an ideal temperature. Want your bedroom at 65º, your living room at 70º and your bathroom at 73º? No problem. Our intuitive thermostat makes programming a breeze, and you can easily set schedules for each room based on your needs. Even turn that guest room “off” until needed to save energy.

Energy Efficient

Warmboard expands on the 25% energy savings from traditional radiant methods through faster response, improved performance and lower water temperatures. And unlike other systems, our Warmsource boiler continuously modulates water temperatures to optimize performance and efficiency, setting the lowest temperatures possible to maintain client comfort.

Intuitive Controls

Our patented, touch-screen thermostats make controlling your Warmboard Comfort System a snap. On-screen instructions are easy to read, and in just a few taps you can adjust the temperature or set your programming.

The Healthy Alternative

Improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and reduce the transmission of airborne viruses, germs and dust (85% fewer dust mites). Radiant can improve circulation and reduce symptoms of asthma and arthritis. With no fans cycling on and off all night, Warmboard’s silent operation will also ensure a good night’s sleep.

Design Freedom

With no vents or baseboards to limit furniture placement, and no restrictions on finish flooring (unlike other radiant options), Warmboard is the ideal heating system for your home. Whether choosing hardwood, tile, stone, carpet or luxury vinyl, Warmboard offers the safety and performance for any flooring. And only Warmboard offers the high-performance technology to comfortably heat those homes with vaulted ceilings or large windowed areas. Appliances, finishes and interior design themes will change, but comfort lasts forever.

Wireless Connectivity

All components in our Warmboard Comfort System communicate through a secure and independent LoRa network. Items connect automatically when plugged in, no separate network required. And with so few wires, you’ll save thousands on installation costs.

A Modern System

Indoor heating has changed little in the past 70 years, but Warmboard is the exception. Unmatched in the industry, the Warmboard Comfort System is wholly integrated for seamless operation, performance and efficiency. WCS monitors indoor temperatures and responds in real-time. And in contrast to other technologies, WCS doesn’t attempt to predict the comfort you need based on the weather outside. Our thermostats measure temperatures to 1/100th of a degree and adjusts system output as your needs ebb and flow throughout the day.

No Mechanical Room

Historically, radiant floor heating systems have required a large mechanical room in your basement or garage. They take up a lot of space and can be daunting to look at. The mechanical requirements for WCS are greatly reduced, giving you back more usable real estate in your home.

Minimal Maintenance

There’s little to think about with the Warmboard Comfort System – everything just works. There’s no filters to replace, no dirty vents, and less dusting to worry about. And our goal was to design a thermostat that you rarely needed to use. Just set it and forget it.

Good for the Wallet

WCS is far less intensive to install than other systems, which speeds up the building process and lowers labor costs – dramatically! But what will your heating bills look like? While there are many factors to consider, we often hear stories from clients saving $200-500 a month (or more). 

Peace of Mind

Your Warmboard project will be supported by our in-house design team, project managers, field reps, technical and logistical support; all are working together to ensure you have a successful project and comfortable home. Warmboard also has extensive warranties in place not only with our products, but with several hardwood, tile and adhesive companies too. Rest assured knowing that our offerings are made of the highest quality, and other companies believe in us as well.

New Home or Remodel

Whether building a new custom home or retrofitting an existing one, Warmboard will design the best system for your situation. Just send over your plans, answer a few questions, or put us in touch with your builder or architect, and we’ll get things rolling.

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