About Us

The history of Warmboard, our accolades, our press

Warmboard was invented in 1992 by architect and entrepreneur Terry Alsberg. He first became familiar with radiant heat when several of his clients began asking for it to be incorporated into their residential projects. Motivated in part by having two children with asthma, and unsatisfied with existing radiant options, Terry, using his background in architecture and engineering physics, worked out of his garage in Capitola, California to invent Warmboard-S. He filed a patent on the technology in 1994 and licensed that patent to Jeld-Wen in 1996. Warmboard Inc. was spun out as an independent entity in 2002 with Terry as CEO.

Since that time, Warmboard has become one of the most sought after radiant heating systems on the market, providing superior performance, substantial energy savings and unrivaled comfort. The patented design of Warmboard also makes it far more efficient for architects to specify and for builders to install. With nearly 40 million square feet of Warmboard installed throughout the world, from the Arctic to the Antarctic, homeowners on every continent enjoy the luxurious comfort of Warmboard radiant heat.

We are also known for our amazing customer service and supportive staff. We are always willing to take an extra phone call or email to answer a question about your project or about Warmboard and radiant heat in general. We’re here to help.

Warmboard, Inc. is located in Scotts Valley, California – a short drive from the heart of Silicon Valley and just a few minutes from the beaches of Santa Cruz.