Subtle warmth everywhere you go – that's the power of Warmboard radiant heat

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Forced air heating has many downsides

We all know hot air rises. Because of this, builders heavily insulate the ceiling to prevent heat from escaping. In a two-story house, the upstairs becomes too hot, while the downstairs remains cool. We attempt to minimize discomfort by selecting one temperature that is tolerable throughout. But an open window or inadequate insulation sucks that heat right out of the house, wasting energy and increasing discomfort.

Hot air dries out sinuses while noisy fans blow dust and allergens throughout your home. By switching to in floor hydronic radiant heating, you significantly improve the health of those who suffer from asthma or allergies, while reducing the transmission of airborne viruses. With Warmboard, heat is beneath you as you feel a whole new level of comfort, whether it’s 40ºF or –40ºF outside. Experience a totally silent heating system that you can control room-by-room. Optimize the temperature anywhere, making some areas warmer while turning down unoccupied rooms to save energy.

The Flexible Radiant Heating Solution for Solar Gains

Depending on the positioning of your home, you can often have times when the sun brings a tremendous amount of heat into certain parts of a home. These solar gains overheat rooms for several hours at a time. The solution for a forced-air home is the same as the solution to a high-mass radiant home – either open all the windows and/or avoid the room altogether. Warmboard can be turned down for several hours at a time for just the affected rooms, allowing the sun to heat, and not overheat, the space. Meanwhile, the rest of your home remains the temperature you desire, without wasting energy.