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Working with a new product can be daunting, but Warmboard makes sure your first experience with us is seamless.

Warmboard has been the leader in hydronic floor radiant heating for over 20 years and we’ve worked with thousands of clients to guide the installation of over 40 million square feet of radiant panels. Our expertise is available whether you’re retrofitting a skyscraper in New York, building a cabin in Colorado, or putting on an addition in California. We have a host of available resources to ensure success, and our staff is always just a phone call away.

3 Great Product Offerings

Warmboard Comfort System

WCS includes everything needed for a home heating system, from panels and tubing, to manifolds, heat source, controls and thermostats. The system is designed and pre-commissioned by Warmboard, then shipped according to the GC’s timeline.

Warmboard-S radiant subfloor

Warmboard-S is a tongue and groove structural subfloor which installs directly over the joist (16” spacing is best for reducing waste) or slab. Panels are 1 ⅛” thick, measure 4’x8’ and can be installed by a standard framing crew.Click here to read more.

Warmboard-R radiant panel

Warmboard-R is used primarily in remodels and retrofits and installs over slab or existing subfloor. The product offers flexibility on design and can be modified in the field to accommodate unforeseen changes. Click here to read more.

Installation kit

Every Warmboard project includes an installation kit with many of the tools necessary for your job. From router bits and templates for the panel installation, to fasteners, pressure gauges and labels for WCS.

Rugged and durable

Warmboard panels are strong and can endure the normal wear and tear of a job site – no need to treat it differently than standard subfloor. Once the tubing is installed, we recommend a thin plywood, or RAM board, covering to protect the tubing from loose nails and debris.

12” tubing spacing

The superior conductivity of Warmboard allows us to use 12” tubing spacing, which can be about ½ the amount of other systems. This means easier and faster labor, fewer manifolds and related components and simpler controls. All this adds up to lower costs and faster turnaround times.

Simplified labor

System Design

WCS is a comprehensive system which can be consistently and reliably bid. Through the standardization of parts and materials, every component is designed to work in tandem across the entire structure. We supply everything needed for a state-of-the-art radiant system, from plans and zoning, to control placement and thermostats. There’s less planning on your end, and no last-minute trips to the store. Warmboard Comfort System is truly a plug-and-play solution.


Your existing framing crew can install the Warmboard panels, just follow our color-coded plans and pick the appropriate panel type from the stack. With no sill plates or upsized joists, your team will be able to install everything quickly and efficiently.

Plumbing and Mechanical

WCS controls require considerably less space and are much easier to install. WCS components can be installed by a licensed plumber in about half the time and cost of traditional radiant controls. Everything is pre-configured, shipped and ready to go with no complicated manuals or time-consuming calibrations.


Gone are the days of drilling endless holes through studs and running hundreds of feet of wire to connect every mechanical component in the system. You just need a little more Romex and a few more outlets. When the components are powered up, they automatically connect and communicate wirelessly – no extra networking required.

Mechanical Room

Large, complex mechanical rooms for your hydronic radiant systems are a thing of the past with WCS. Through smarter use of manifold cabinets, actuators and improved variable speed pumping, we’ve eliminated a lot of convoluted copper. Install the Warmsource boiler in a closet or away in the corner with the domestic hot water supply, and that’s all you need.

Construction Mode

Found within the Warmboard Comfort System, this setting lets you heat the house before all the controls are installed, creating an ideal way to test the system, acclimate hardwood and even keep a job site warm during the cold season.

Pre-Commissioned Controls

Warmboard components are pre-commissioned and tested before they are sent out. Just get them installed and powered up and everything works. No complex mechanical rooms or controls, just simple solutions.

Limitless flooring

Warmboard panels provide an excellent nailing surface for hardwood flooring, and our consistent surface temperatures ensure the flooring products are protected. Choose hardwood (from wide plank to engineered), carpet, luxury vinyl and more. For tile, we have several tested, proven and warrantied tile assemblies to choose from.

Let’s get started!

If you’re looking for additional information, please give us a call, we’d love to talk to you. We’re more than happy to speak with you about your project and get you the resources and insights needed to make an informed decision. If you have plans ready to go, feel free to upload and we start working with you.

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