Why Warmboard

There are many options to consider when remodeling or building a home, but one factor that is often not prioritized is comfort.

Experience Unmatched Radiant Comfort

With over 20 years of experience in the radiant heating industry, Warmboard offers leading-edge solutions to in-home comfort. With Warmboard, you’ll experience exquisite comfort beneath every step. Our patented, award-winning products offer benefits not only to the homeowner, but to designers and builders alike.

Constant Comfort

“Comfort” has always been the primary reason people choose radiant heat. But historically, radiant has also been known for its slow response, its limits on flooring options, and its complex and specialized controls. Warmboard changes all these things and brings in-floor heating into the 21st century.

Rapid Response

Warmboard’s patented technology uses proprietary algorithms to ensure that your home maintains a consistent climate inside even as external temperatures outside rise and fall throughout the day. No other system on the market can respond as quickly to your heating needs as Warmboard.

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Zoned Comfort

One of the great benefits of radiant floor heating is the ability to control temperatures room-by-room. Turn down bedrooms, turn up living spaces, or turn off rooms that are not being used to save energy and maximize comfort.

Energy Efficient

A typical hydronic underfloor heating system is about 25% more efficient than forced air heating, but Warmboard takes efficiency to another level with our conductive, aluminum-coated radiant panels and high-performance system.

Healthy Home

Forced air heating spreads dust, allergens and viruses throughout your home. These systems are loud, disruptive, and heat your home unevenly, leaving some parts too hot and others too cold. Warmboard heats your home evenly, subtly and quietly resulting in a tranquil and peaceful environment. See more Health benefits.

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Why Radiant

We’ve grown accustomed to forced-air heating, so much so that we don’t even think about the consequences. Uneven temperatures, wasted energy, exorbitant bills and more. Consider the benefits of Warmboard when you build your dream home or remodel your existing one.

Low Mass Radiant

Highly Responsive

Warmboard radiant panels install directly under the flooring of your choice. Panels are lightweight, highly responsive, and provide enough output to heat the entire home.

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Electric Radiant

Expensive to Operate

Electric mats are typically used for “floor warming” — meaning the floor will be warm, but you will still require a primary heat source to heat the house. They can be extremely expensive to operate and it’s best to consider local electricity rates before installing.

High Mass Radiant

Very Slow to Respond

This 100-year-old thermal floor heating method is still very popular today and uses a heavy pour of gypsum concrete (or regular concrete) over tubing. These systems are very slow to respond, limit flooring options and are very heavy.

New or Remodel

Warmboard offers solutions whether you are building a custom home or remodeling an existing one. We’ll work with you to recommend the best products and options for your project.

Low Energy Bills

It’s not uncommon for Warmboard customers to save hundreds on their heating bills every month. And over the life of your home that adds up to a tremendous savings!

Sleep Deeply

No kicking the covers on and off all night or being woken by loud fans. Warmboard operates subtly and silently, ensuring a quiet, comfortable sleep.

One-Stop Shop

Radiant heating systems require the oversight of numerous people from different organizations to manage the complex factors behind the design, purchase and installation of the system. But Warmboard is the radiant floor heating company that partners with you to help manage the entire project, from the design of the system and commissioning of components to the shipping. And you’re always one phone call away from your dedicated support staff.

Easy Installation

Warmboard-S panels can be installed by any licensed contractor, and our Warmboard-R panels are often installed by homeowners. These radiant heat panels are installed just like traditional subfloor, and we provide all the information and drawings you’ll need. Our Warmboard Comfort System is a wholly unique offering in the hydronic radiant market, and the boilers and controls can often be installed in 1 or 2 days, versus the 1 or 2 weeks more traditional methods require.

Interior Design

With no air vents to worry about blocking and no wall radiators to limit furniture placement, you can design your home the way you want, with open spaces, large windows and any type of flooring. Experience a home that is not just beautiful, but comfortable, too.

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Plug & Play

Warmboard Comfort System controls are easy to install and easier to use. All components are clearly labeled and color-coded making them a snap to install. And everything in the Warmboard Comfort System communicates wirelessly using a secure LoRa network.

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Environmentally Smart

Through improved Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), responsible forestry, and low energy consumption, choosing Warmboard is the environmentally sound decision. For architects and builders, Warmboard can also add several LEED points to your next project.

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Learn More

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Delve deeper into these sections to learn more about the specifics with the insights and technical information you need to make an informed decision on our radiant floor heating solutions.

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Over 90% of our surveyed homeowners said Warmboard was among the favorite features in their home. Learn why.

Builders & Installers

We make working with us as seamless as possible, with dedicated support staff and excellent manuals, videos and technical documentation.


Designing a home with Warmboard brings many benefits to your practice, and not just your client’s well-being. Read on to learn the insights on creating a Warmboard home.

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