Case Studies

See What We’ve Done to Help Our Clients with their Projects

WCS Install Contest 1st Place Winner

The all-concrete construction posed some challenges, but with the help of Warmboard's engineering team and the general contractor, the installation went smoothly.

Sci-Fi Inspired Modern Marvel

Take a look at a minimalistic, modern marvel located in picturesque Los Altos Hills, a rural area in Northern California which is home to many of Silicon Valley’s elite.

Exquisite Design in Extreme Bethel, Alaska

In this issue we travel 400 miles west of Anchorage, Alaska to explore the stunning and inspired Association of Village Council Presidents Regional Housing Authority (AVCPRHA) headquarters.

Designing For Her Future in Bend, Oregon

This issue of Radiant Architecture features the Harbin Residence, a modern, super energy-efficient home located in Bend, Oregon.

Beyond NetZero in Aspen, Colorado

Is it possible for a modern and sustainable twenty-first-century home to coexist architecturally with a nineteenth century Queen Anne-style Victorian?

Radiant Heat in a Modular Home

The Lake Whatcom project incorporates Method Homes' Cabin Model 2 with a site-built lower level. With 1250 sq. ft. upstairs and 800 below, the home is oriented to capture the expansive lake views from the property.

LEED Gold in New York

New York, New York! - as immortalized in song, “If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere”. This has been proven true with the Oyster Capital Project on East 82nd Street in Manhattan.

Recycling the Orange Crush

It’s not surprising when architects specify radiant heating and cooling in a renovation or new construction. It is however, quite an affirmation of the radiant concept when the firm specifies it for their own building.

Smart Home Museum Exhibit

When the Museum of Science & Industry in Chicago, IL, decided to construct a house - on museum grounds - that could demonstrate the current state of the art in intelligent sustainable housing, radiant heat was an obvious choice towards that goal. The Museum calls this exhibit, Smart Home: Green + Wired.