World class architecture deserves a world class heating system


Warmboard radiant panels were designed by an architect to create a high performance heating system that integrated easily into light frame construction. Twenty-five years and over 40 million square feet later, we now offer the Warmboard Comfort System (WCS), a uniquely intelligent, whole house solution to your client’s needs for multi-zoned, quiet and invisible warmth. All we need from you are your plans, and our experienced staff of licensed mechanical engineers will custom design a complete solution that will meet or exceed your client’s highest expectations for comfort.

You’ll receive back extensive, clearly detailed pages for your review and comment. Once we receive final approval, you can bind these pages into your plan set to ensure that building officials and the project contractors fully understand every aspect of installing the world’s best heating system. 

Lastly, our team of project managers backed up by our team of region managers located throughout North America will provide industry leading support to ensure correct and efficient installation that will put a smile on your client’s faces. Nobody provides anything remotely close to the performance or service that Warmboard is legendary for. Your clients will thank you.

Experience True Comfort

Warmboard homes are controlled room-by-room, ensuring maximum comfort for every occupant. Unlike other heating systems, WCS keeps room temperatures accurate to within 1ºF ensuring consistent enjoyment. Through improved indoor air quality, silent operation and consistent comfort through every inch of their home, homeowners will not only sleep better, they’ll feel better.

3 Great Product Offerings

Warmboard Comfort System

WCS includes everything needed for a complete home-heating system, from panels and tubing, to manifolds, boiler (or heat pump), controls, thermostats and engineering. We design, pre-commission then sent out to the project site according to the GC’s timeline.

Warmboard-S radiant subfloor panel

Warmboard-S is a tongue and groove structural subfloor which installs directly over the joist (16” spacing is best) or slab. Panels are 1 ⅛” thick, measure 4’x8’ and can be installed by a standard framing crew.Click here to read more.

Warmboard-R radiant panel

Warmboard-R is used primarily in remodels and retrofits and installs over slab or existing subfloor. The product offers flexibility on design and can be modified in the field to accommodate unforeseen changes. Click here to read more.

Modern Technology

Warmboard brings a forward-thinking mentality to a complicated and outdated radiant heating industry. WCS is a modern and integrated solution, with superior performance, advanced algorithms, pre-configured controls, plug-and-play installation, wireless LoRA communication and a smaller physical footprint. WCS is a one-of-a-kind offering that benefits architects, builders, plumbers and homeowners – there’s nothing else like it in the industry.

Greater Design Freedom

No baseboard radiators to limit furniture placement, no heavy pours adding 15lbs of weight per square foot, and no worries over vaulted ceilings or open floor plans where forced air heating struggles to provide comfort.


Choose Any Flooring

Unlike other radiant systems, Warmboard offers complete freedom with finish floors – from quarter-sawn wide plank hardwood to engineered hardwood, tile to luxury plank vinyl and thick carpet.

Recover Square Footage

Say goodbye to large, complex and expensive mechanical rooms. The physical space necessary for the controls in the WCS are negligible. Dedicate a small closet or a few feet of wall space in the garage.

Your Heating Partner

Hand the entire heating system off to us and our in-house design team will create a system ideal for you and your client’s needs, from manifold placement to zoning preferences. And if you need to make a change, we’re always a phone call away. We’ll manage this entire portion of the project, even coordinating the shipping and logistics. As your partner, we will provide the quality documents, products and support you need to free up your bandwidth for other tasks.

Professional Design Drawings

Every project includes a full-set of custom construction documents to integrate into your architectural plans. Our drawings detail panel positions, tubing layouts, heat loss and list all necessary components. Our drawings are typically ¼” scale formatted to D-sized sheets with other formats available upon request. And we’d love to talk to you about our Bound Into Plans (BIP) program.

Satisfied Clients

An independent polling firm found that 95% of our clients listed Warmboard among the top 3 favorite features in their home. Design a home that truly satisfies the needs and desires of your client.

Homeowners warmboard

The Sustainable Option

The wood in the Warmboard panels is sustainably harvested from North America and uses low-VOC, non-toxic adhesives. Your clients can expect to lower their energy use significantly (at least 25%) which not only benefits the planet, but their wallets. For those pursuing LEED, Warmboard can earn upto 15 LEED points through reduced energy use and improved indoor air quality.

Let’s get started!

If you’re looking for additional information, please give us a call, we’d love to talk to you. If you’d like to send in your architectural plans (DWG, PDF…), go here and we can get started on an estimate for you.

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