Warmboard Thermostat

Simple, Smart, and Efficient with E-Ink display

Radiant heating Thermostat

Enjoy the comfort of radiant heat with Warmboard thermostats, designed to be easy to use and deliver precise temperature control.

Radiant floor heating thermostat for Warmboard

Our thermostats are one of the key components of Warmboard Comfort System. They’re simple to use, yet packed with smart features that make it easy to save energy and maintain a comfortable temperature in your home.

Warmboard comfort system thermostat install

Here are just a few of the benefits of Warmboard thermostats:

  • Easy to use: Warmboard thermostats feature a large e-ink display, similar to a Kindle, and intuitive controls that make them easy to program and operate.
  • Precise temperature control:¬†Warmboard thermostats measure temperatures to within 1/100th of a degree, ensuring that your home is always at the perfect temperature.
  • Smart features: Warmboard thermostats offer a variety of smart features, such as room-by-room temperature control, scheduling, and vacation mode, to help you save energy and money.
  • Energy efficiency:¬†Warmboard thermostats are designed to work with Warmboard radiant heating systems to deliver the most energy-efficient heating possible.

This product is an exclusive component of Warmboard Comfort System

WCS uses proprietary, plug-and-play controls including thermostats, Manifold Controllers, and a Smart Reset Controller. These items CANNOT be exchanged with alternative products and is not compatible with other smart thermostats. 

Warmboard Comfort System offers 3 different types of thermostats for different rooms in your house

  • Heating: Controls the heat in one zone of the house
  • Cooling/Heating: Controls one cooling zone and one heating zone
  • Floor Warming/Heating: Controls the heat in one bathroom and offers a warming feature which keeps the floor warm even when heat is not called for (can be enabled/disabled by the homeowner)

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How to install thermostat for radiant heat?

Warmboard thermostats should be installed after texture and paint. Each thermostat snaps into a pre-wired J-Box (at least 18 cu. inches). Once the Warmboard thermostats are powered up, they communicate wirelessly, so no additional wiring is required.

Each thermostat is labeled by zone. Review the WCS Design Drawings to confirm where each thermostat should be installed. It is essential to install each thermostat into its proper location.
Grip the sides of the thermostat with one hand, and with the other, separate the front and back pieces from each other
Wire the back of the thermostat into the J-Box, then fasten in place with the provided screws (arrows up)
Hold the front portion of the thermostat by the sides, then slide in and reconnect to the back portion of the thermostat

How to configure advanced settings?

Vacation Mode

Vacation mode on the Warmboard thermostat is a setting that allows you to maintain a constant temperature in your home while you are away. This can save you money on your energy bills and help to protect your home from damage.

How to enable Vacation mode On?

Go to Settings Menu > Mode Select > Vacation Mode ON > Enable Vacation Mode YES

Learn how to set Vacation mode on in this video.

Night-time Setback

Night-time setback on Warmboard thermostats is a feature that allows you to lower the temperature in your home at night when you are asleep. The thermostat will then maintain this temperature until the morning, when you can raise it to your desired daytime temperature.

How to configure Night-time Setback?

Go to Settings Menu > Set Program > Simple > Use this setting? YES

Learn how to configure it on in this video.

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