Homeowners who choose Warmboard will typically work with an architect or home builder to ensure the project is successful. If you already have your structural drawings and a basic floor plan, you may submit them at the link below, otherwise continue to sections below that are most relevant to you. As always, feel free to call with any questions.

Plan Submittal

When working with an Architect

Whether your Architect is, or is not, familiar with hydronic radiant heat or Warmboard; we’ve got you covered!

floor plan on floor

What you need from your Architect: 

  • Floor Plans – PDF or AutoCAD 
  • Structural Drawings – if using Warmboard-S
  • A full plan set (PDF), if considering the Warmboard Comfort System

What your Architect may need from us: 

Product Details: Warmboard has 3 unique product offerings and can provide all the necessary specifications and technical documentation needed for your project.

  • Warmboard S: A 4’x8’ T&G 1-⅛”, 7- ply douglas fir structural subfloor that is coated with 12 lbs of 1070 aluminum alloy that is 99% pure and .025” thick. 
  • Warmboard R: A 2’x4’ flat edge 13/16” OSB radiant panel coated with the same highly conductive aluminum. These panels typically install over existing subfloor or slab.
  • Warmboard Comfort System: An all-in-one radiant solution containing all the components for a modern heating system, from panels to boiler and thermostats.

Engineers Stamp information: We can provide engineering stamps for 24 states in the US and CIPH Certification in Canada. Call us to learn more.

Finished floor information: We have a thorough list of hardwood manufacturers who endorse their products over Warmboard. We also have 3rd party test results for several tile applications for your builder or tile installer as well as information on other types of flooring.

Sound Attenuation: Considering ways to reduce noise transmission throughout your house? Warmboard has detailed assemblies showing your architect how to accomplish this without sacrificing your comfort or aesthetics.

Cooling: Since hot air rises and cold air falls, using the laws of physics to your advantage is a smart way to design a home. We can share our thoughts about the best way to integrate a cooling solution with your Warmboard radiant heating system.

In person meeting 

Contact us and see if one of our highly-trained local team members are able to stop by your architect’s office to meet with you one-on-one to review your project and answer any questions in more detail. 

Phone number for the United States & Canada:
+1 800-556-0595

Call us now

When working with a Builder / General Contractor

General Contractors have a broad knowledge of home building, and many rely on the expertise of industry professionals and subcontractors to help choose products. If considering Warmboard for your project, we will assist you in educating your builder so they have all the know-how to install our system.

GC installing Warmboard

Warmboard Comfort System:

WCS can be used with our Warmboard-S and/or R panel. We provide the panels, ½” PEX tubing, manifolds, controls, thermostats, boiler, engineering, design work, as well as shipping and support for the most comfortable radiant system on the market.


Used primarily for new homes and additions, Warmboard-S is a radiant panel and structural subfloor which installs directly over joist. Warmboard-S projects require a joist layout from you so we can accurately design the system for your home.


For remodels and retrofits, Warmboard-R is usually the best choice. This panel is thinner and goes over existing subfloor or a slab. Warmboard-R also adapts well to unforeseen circumstances that may arise during construction. If using nail-down hardwood, we’ll also want to know the direction of your flooring.

What you’ll need from your Builder: 

  • A bid (1st time builders can start here)
  • A timeline
  • The names of their subcontractors (framer, plumber…) who will be working with us
  • An open line of communication: Someone who responds to calls and emails during design process, answers questions and can review/approve our drawings

What your Builder may need from us: 

  • Information and support: Most of the information they’ll need can be found on this website or by simply calling us 
  • Regional Managers: Available throughout your project to answer questions, your RM may also be able to offer in-person support on your job site
  • Project Managers: Your PM manages everything, from construction strategies and design changes, to technical know-how and logistics. They are always a phone call away and ready to answer your questions
  • Engineers: Our in-house design team will work tirelessly to produce the highest quality designs in the industry
  • Technical Department: Our technical department has spent thousands of hours doing research and providing answers to builders, plumbers, architects and homeowners across the US and Canada

Ready to get started?

To take the next step, upload your plans and we’ll get started. If you have more questions, visit the Contact page and we’ll get in touch with you soon.

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