Washington Contractors Share Experience with Warmboard Panels

Ever wondered how contractors adapt to new building materials on the fly? In this blog post, we dive into a Washington state project where Christensen Incorporated, a local contractor, embraced Warmboard subfloor panels for the first time. Get the inside scoop as Dave Clark, from Christensen Incorporated, shares his team’s experience with Warmboard, including the challenges they faced, the helpful resources provided by Warmboard, and their overall impression of this innovative subfloor solution.

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Adapting to New Materials

Christensen Incorporated Tackles Warmboard-S panels for the First Time

Dave Clarks says that this is a unique project with a lot of direction changes with the joists. They also have different spacing and sizes in some areas. Initially, they were apprehensive about using this product because it was new to them. However, after watching instructional videos and reading tutorials, they were able to adapt and install it with no problems. They found the installation process to be very similar to regular subfloor sheathing.

Overcoming Challenges:

Instructional Resources and Collaboration Prove Key

Tyler from Warmboard mentioned that the plans have been very helpful and accurate. Dave also mentioned that one of the challenges they faced was referencing four different sets of plans to complete the subfloor. Overall, they are happy with the product and look forward to using it again in the future.

Later in the video, Dave thanked Tyler for his patience and helpfulness throughout this long project. The video ends with Dave asking Chandler to demonstrate how he installs the Warmboard-S panels. Tyler said that he would be happy to come back out to answer any questions and help them with the custom routing process.

Here are some photos from the Washington project:

washington panel install
washington panel nail gun
warmboard project in Washington


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