Reduce Mechanical Room space for Bigger Living Areas

Building a custom home shouldn’t mean sacrificing valuable space for your heating system. Traditional heating systems with bulky ducts can take up a lot of room, both in your living and utility spaces.

Our Warmboard Comfort System and Warmsource boiler offers a smarter solution. It is a radiant floor heating, where warm water flows silently beneath your floors, radiating heat upwards for a comfortable feel throughout your entire home. This eliminates the need for bulky air ducts, freeing up space in your ceilings, walls, and utility room.

Warmsource Boiler: Small Footprint, Big Impact

The Warmsource boiler, the heart of the Warmboard Comfort System, is specifically designed for efficiency and is ideal for compact spaces. This is particularly beneficial for urban homes with limited space for mechanical components. Unlike traditional radiant systems, the Warmsource boiler integrates key components, reducing the overall footprint and eliminating the need for additional pumps.

This powerful unit provides efficient and consistent radiant heat throughout your entire home when combined with the Warmboard heat panels and comes pre-commissioned out of the box for optimal performance.The radiant floor heating system distributes warmth evenly, creating a comfortable and luxurious feel underfoot.

See it in Action – A Real-World Example:

This informative video, featuring Allyson Case Anderson, founder and owner of Integro Builders from Chicago, Illinois, showcases how the Warmboard Comfort System with the Warmsource boiler was implemented for a local custom residential home project.

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In this video, Allyson highlights one of the key reasons she regularly recommends Warmboard: the space-saving benefits of the proprietary Warmsource boiler.

Big Savings in Small Spaces

Unlike standard radiant systems that require a boiler with a complicated array of additional valves and pumps, the Warmsource boiler is a single, cohesive unit. This ingenious design significantly reduces the mechanical room footprint. Ms. Anderson explains that Warmsource can save a remarkable 50 to 100 square feet of space, depending on the layout of the room. Installation is simple – the boiler simply hangs on the wall and connects directly to the tubing, eliminating the need for separate pumps and saving valuable floor space.

Chicago Approved Comfort

The video also emphasizes the Warmboard Comfort System’s ability to deliver efficient and reliable warmth even during the frigid Chicago winters. This makes Warmboard an ideal choice for homeowners in cold climates who prioritize both comfort and maximizing space within their homes.

Discover How Warmboard Can Help You:

Whether you’re building a new custom home or looking for ways to optimize space in your existing home, the Warmboard Comfort System with the Warmsource boiler can be a game-changer. Learn more about this innovative heating solution and  discover how it can transform your home’s comfort and efficiency.


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