Why this Homeowner Chose Warmboard Comfort System (and Loves It!)

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Homeowner from Michigan shares experience installing Warmboard Comfort System

Ever dreamed of installing a radiant heating system in your new home, but worried the process might be overly complex and require extensive plumbing knowledge? You’re not alone. Many homeowners shy away from such projects due to the technical expertise often perceived as necessary. However, what if we told you a radiant heating system like Warmboard could be a viable option for DIY enthusiasts?

This video is an interview with a homeowner, Matthew, about his experience installing a Warmboard Comfort System (WCS) in his new home in Sturgis, Michigan. Despite lacking formal engineering or plumbing training, Matthew highlights the clear instructions, readily understandable components, and exceptional customer support that made the process manageable and ultimately rewarding.

Warmboard Radiant Heat: Easy Installation Meets Homeowner Satisfaction

Michigan home with WCS

The homeowner, Matthew, says that the installation went well and he is very pleased with the radiant heat system. He emphasizes that one of the most important things during the installation process is to take one step at a time and not get overwhelmed. He also says that the provided plans and components were easy to understand and assemble. He credits Sierra, a project manager at Warmboard, for being very helpful and responsive throughout the process.

Matthew also likes the fact that the system can be used as a primary heating system and says that he is impressed with the quality of the components. Overall, he is very happy with his experience with Warmboard and would recommend the system to others.

Here are more photos of the mechanical room showing the boilers, tubing and manifold from this Michigan project:

WCS boiler
WCS manifold


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