Install Guide & Video

This page holds all the information you need for a Warmboard or Warmboard–R install. Click the headers to jump to the appropriate section as needed.

Warmboard Installation

Warmboard Installation Guide (downloadable PDF)

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Warmboard–R Installation

Warmboard–R Installation Guide (downloadable PDF)

Approved Tubing List

These are the tubing types/brands approved for use with Warmboard products.

Using a tubing brand from this approved list will ensure a silent interface between the pex tubing and the Warmboard aluminum groove. Installing other types of tubing may create a slight ticking noise as the tubing expands in the aluminum groove during operation. This unacceptable noise is created by the outer layer of the EVOH barrier rubbing against the aluminum. Design a silent heating system that you and your clients won’t hear; install only with approved tubing.

Pex Aluminum Pex Tubing 1/2″ I.D:

AIM, Allied Pipe Systems, Aqua Therm, ComfortPro, EHT (Efficient Heating Technology), Excel, Henco, Hydro-flex, HYDRONX, Inferno, Infloor Heating Systems, Mr. Pex, RHT, Rifeng, Roth, Uponor – Multi-Layer composite tubing (MLC), Watts, Weil-McLain, Zurn Alumicor

Standard Barrier Pex Tubing 1/2″ I.D.:

Mr. Pex (LK Pex AB), Rehau Raupex Oxygen barrier (manufactured after 3/8/11-date printed on tubing), ThermaPEX (LK PEX), Uponor HePEX (*manufactured after 3/12/10 – see note below), ViegaPEX Barrier, Watts RadiantPEX+


Viega Fostapex is not approved, the diameter is too large to fit into the Warmboard groove.

Notes about Pex Tubing:

While other brands of Pex Tubing may be acceptable, please check with Warmboard’s Technical Department prior to selecting an unlisted product.

Silicone or other types of adhesives are not to be used when installing any Standard Barrier Tubing or Pex Aluminum Pex Tubing.

The use of nail plates is necessary to hold down tubing in channels. Remove all plates before the installation of finish floors.

*To confirm that the hePEX tubing is manufactured after 3/12/10, find the “NOT FOR POTABLE WATER” labeled on the tubing. Check the number that begins with the two letters (example UB13100330). The last six digits of this number should be 100312 or greater.
Download the updated installation instructions in PDF format.

Tubing and Manifolds

Warmboard is pleased to offer Pex Aluminum Pex Tubing, pre-assembled manifolds and other accessories for your radiant installation. Click on the links below for more detailed information, or give us a call to learn more.

  • RadiantPEX-AL Tubing
  • Stainless Steel Manifold
  • Radiant PEX-AL Compression Fitting
  • Radiant PEX-AL Compression Fitting Install Instructions
  • Radiant PEX-Al Compression Repair Kit
  • Reamer Tool
  • Valve Accuator
  • Pressure Test Kit
  • Manifold End Plug
  • Blade Type Tube Cutting Tool