Custom Routing instructions

Selecting a Router

Provided Equipment in Warmboard installation kit

The items shown below are shipped with your installation kit and should be used when routing.

DO NOT attempt a route without them.

install kit router

  • Not all sub-bases interface properly with the supplied items.
  • DO NOT attempt a route without the correct template guide.
  • The provided items can be used with some Makita and Dewalt brand routers. Consider the Makita RF1101, Dewalt DW616 or Dewalt DW618PKB.
  • While we recommend a router with a minimum 1.75 horsepower, 2.25 is preferred.

Custom Routing procedure


  • Place the routing template over the appropriate area and fasten into position with 3 screws. Be sure the screws do not interfere with the path of the router
  • Ensure that the router bit and template guide are
    properly installed, then proceed with the route
  • When complete, remove the template guide and use a 4″ grinder, Dremel or deburring tool to smooth the area for the tubing installation
  • Use a shop vac to clear debris from the channel
  • Place a piece of tubing into the new groove to confirm it sits level and flush with the top of the Warmboard panel

Check List

  • Review all the tubing layout plans
  • Use a permanent marker and the provided wood templates to mark all areas on the Warmboard panel that will require custom routing
  • Prepare router with router bit, template guide and template guide lock nut

The router base needs room to operate and may be difficult to use near a wall – plan accordingly.