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Radiant Heating System installation in New Jersey

Joe Ambrose of Radiant Heating LLC recently installed a Warmboard Comfort System (WCS) at a new luxury condominium building in Deal, New Jersey. The building features all-concrete construction, which presented some challenges for the installation team. However, Ambrose was able to overcome these challenges with the help of Warmboard’s engineering team and the general contractor.
The installation process went smoothly, and Ambrose was particularly impressed with the quality of Warmboard’s products and the ease of following their plan sets. He also appreciated the support he received from Warmboard’s project manager, Andrea Izenstark and has a good relationship with Glen Arndt, our Eastern Sales Manager.

Ambrose has been working with Warmboard for over five years now, and he highly recommends their products and services to other radiant heating contractors. He says that WCS is “much easier to install than other radiant heating systems” and that Warmboard “does all the engineering and lays it out easily for you.”

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Why Radiant Heating LLC Chose Warmboard

Radiant Heating LLC chose Warmboard for this project because of the quality of their products, the ease of installation, and the support they provide to their customers. Ambrose says that Warmboard is “a no-brainer” for radiant heating contractors and that he tries to push everybody that it’s looking for radiant towards Warmboard.

WCS boiler wall

Benefits of Warmboard Comfort System

The Warmboard Comfort System is a hydronic radiant heating system that circulates warm water through a series of tubes installed in the floor. This provides a gentle and even heat that is more comfortable and efficient than traditional forced-air heating systems.

WCS is also a sustainable heating solution. It can be used with a variety of renewable energy sources, such as solar and geothermal power. This makes it a great choice for homeowners who are looking to reduce their carbon footprint.


Residential building


Deal, New Jersey

Total Square Footage:

9,355 square feet

Floor Covering:

Hardwood & Tile


Natural Gas



Video of this project installation

Joe Ambrose is working on installing a Warmboard Comfort System in a residential house in Deal, New Jersey. The house is a slab foundation, so they are using Warmboard-S structural panels over a sleeper system. This allows them to insulate between the concrete and the Warmboard panels. The builder is marking out the floor to make it easier for the tubing to be installed. They are using metal arrows to mark out the paths for the tubing, and they will then use spray paint to make the markings permanent. The builder is also routing the tubing under the panels to make it easier for the flooring team.

Radiant Heating LLC bio: 

Radiant Heating LLC was formed in February of 2020 by a team consisting of 3 partners, Steve Falana, Joe Ambrose and Dave Poljanic. With a combined 50+ years of experience in the trades, mainly HVAC-R, we set out to provide a direct solution to the growing need for radiant heating professionals in the industry. In partnering, we established the ability to provide our customers with the highest degree of knowledge, professionalism, workmanship and attention that each project deserves.

The majority of Radiant Heating LLC’s workload consists of the installation of radiant heating systems, however, that is far from where our job begins or ends. We provide our customers with a one stop shop for sales, design, installation, service, maintenance and consultation for both residential and commercial applications. Whether the customer is just starting to explore the idea of adding radiant heat to their home or needs service to their existing system, Radiant Heating LLC will provide them with the information and services they need.

Radiant Heating LLC contact information:

(732) 575-9824
radiantheatingllc [at] gmail.com

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