What Is Radiant Heat?

Radiant floor heating is the intelligent way of heating a home. Hydronic radiant flooring can now replace entire home heating systems. What’s great about these solutions is it provides a more energy-efficient method of warmth throughout every room. But what is radiant heating? We’ve put together a short list of FAQs that we often receive at Warmboard. This guide will provide clarity on radiant heat and our complete hydronic systems. 

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what is radiant heat

What Is Radiant Floor Heating? 

Let’s start with the basics. Radiant heat is, effectively, the oldest method of heating. Think of the way a sun’s invisible rays heat your skin. Rather than warming the air around you, radiant heat energy is transferred directly to you, and the surfaces around you. These surfaces then emit heat, so the entire room feels nice and warm. 

Because this method is not heating the air, there’s no need to worry about an open window or leaking duct. Similarly, there’s no concern about rising hot air, which makes the upstairs too warm, or is completely wasted in areas with high ceilings. Radiant floor heating keeps the heat beneath your every step. Compared to forced air heating, homeowners can not only experience greater comfort, but they can expect significantly lower energy bills as well.

Is Cost-Savings a Benefit of Hydronic Heating Systems?

There are numerous pros and cons of radiant heat. One of the downsides of radiant heat flooring is the upfront cost for installation. With Warmboard, we provide a complete home heating system that offers homeowners a one-and-done approach during installation. We take care of all of the equipment – from panels and tubing, to the boiler, controls and thermostats. But it is a sizeable investment.

However, radiant heat as described is an energy-efficient solution to ongoing home heating. In the long-run, most homeowners will reap the benefits of greater savings on their heat bill. This is because underfloor heating offers a far more energy efficient method of warmth than forced air heating. 

According to the U.S. Department of Energy heating systems are the largest home energy expense, accounting for nearly 45% of monthly energy bills. Reducing this spend can provide homeowners with added benefits. Consider that many Warmboard clients report saving over $1000 a year a on their heating bills. Mileage will vary, but that level of savings will really add up over the lifetime of a home. Invest in your comfort. Consider spending that money on your heating system instead of paying it to your energy provider every month.

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what is radiant floor heating

What Types of Flooring Is Best For Radiant Heat? 

Warmboard works with almost all flooring types and we have information to help homeowners understand what selections should be considered. For more detailed information on flooring types be sure to check out our installation guide. Just know, that hardwood, stone, tile, luxury vinyl flooring, cork and carpet all interface well with our radiant heating panels.

How Long Do Radiant Floors Take to Heat Up?

There are a few items to consider when talking about the time it takes to heat up a space, including:

  • Size of the room
  • Type of flooring – some floor is better at conducting heat than others
  • Type of hydronic radiant system 

Hydronic, or water systems, can take longer to heat up initially, but can be more effective in producing even heat consistently once at a desired temperature. Additionally, hydronic radiant systems using concrete or gypsum concrete are very slow to respond, while Warmboard will respond significantly faster.

Is Radiant Heat Worth It? 

If you’re considering building a new home or remodeling your existing one, we’d be happy to speak with you about one of the best, all-inclusive solutions on the floor heating market. Warmboard provides guidance on specifications, requirements and ways to optimize floor heating systems. We’d love to speak with you about your next project. Contact us directly for more information on the Warmboard Comfort System.


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