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  • My wife and I are very pleased

    "My wife and I are from Rockwell City, Iowa and met with you approximately one year ago. We purchased the Warmboard product for a family room we added on, and found your product to be very easy to install, even for the do-it-yourselfer. I felt that I should send you a quick email to let you know how we feel about the final product (now that we’ve had it running for a couple months now). WE LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! Before we had the water heater working, in the morning, the room temperature (on a cold morning) would generally be about 58 degrees. Now that Warmboard has been installed, it maintains a room temperature of 69 – 71 degrees each and every morning, even during this cold spell! My wife and I are very pleased with your product and wanted to thank you again. I will tell everyone I can about your product, and hope to send some people your way." – Bob W, Rockwell City, IA

  • We chose Warmboard because it provides the kind of heat we need here

    "Let’s face it this is the coldest place on earth. We chose Warmboard because it provides the kind of heat we need here. Warmboard gives you warmth where you are at the floor level. It’s easy to install and it’s energy-efficient." – Bill K, Consulting Engineer for the US Antarctic Program

  • We get some very cold weather, but Warmboard makes those 10-degree days not so dramatic

    "I chose Warmboard for many reasons. I knew concrete systems and other alternatives were altogether more expensive. I also chose Warmboard for their technical services, the plan layout designs they provide, and the efficiency of both. My installers were using Warmboard for the first time, but as soon as they understood the layout pattern the installation moved along relatively quickly. Repairs to the tubing were easy to fix without a problem. Zoning was simple. We chose to have three zones and three floor covering choices; hardwood, natural stone, and carpet. Warmboard works well for us under all of them. I enjoy the even heat, the quiet, and the overall good performance. We’re very satisfied. We get some very cold weather, but Warmboard makes those 10-degree days not so dramatic." – Ed K, Carson City, NV

  • Each person has been extremely helpful

    "I've conversed with individuals from every facet of their company each person has been extremely helpful and informative ... even though I was a novice on these issues when starting out. Over the three years of designing my project and enduring construction delays for various reasons, I've sent them a ton of questions and phone messages. They have followed up on every single one ... even providing technical information and explanations. Every individual seems passionate, and ethical, about the product... where do you find that today??" – JoEllen H, Juneau, AK

  • Technical support was outstanding throughout our entire project

    "We are thrilled with the practicality and performance of the Warmboard system and the many options for floor coverings, including salvaged hardwood. During flooring installation, the ability to see the tubing was ideal. Warmboard's technical support was outstanding throughout our entire project. They always had time to talk to us and answer any questions we had. We would recommend Warmboard to anyone!" – Bruce B, Anacortes, WA

  • Thank you for your excellent service

    "This is just a short note to thank you for your excellent service. We were so happy to get our Warmboard order designed and delivered in one week! The instructions were easy to follow and my husband (and friends) had no trouble installing it in a couple of days. We really appreciate your help and follow-up, with the whole transaction." – Carly K, Baker City, OR

  • Thank You

    "I've very much enjoyed working with you and you truly demonstrate an understanding of our needs. Thank you." – John T, WV

  • I couldn't be happier

    "I wanted to wait and see how the radiant floor heating is going to work once I start using it so I could give you a good evaluation. Well, I couldn't be happier with it. I have the heat come on in the morning and again in the evening. It is so comfortable; no comparison to forced air heating. The warmth is where I need it - on my feet and legs. No longer cold feet. It responds quickly when it's coming on and turning off which is a relief because I was worried about that. A different contractor thought I should also have forced air heating for warming up the house quickly if needed. I am so glad I didn't install that because it's absolutely unnecessary. I have the Luxpro thermostat set to come on an hour before I get up at 6 AM. It goes off at 9 AM. The house stays warm, especially if it's sunny until 5 PM when the heat comes on again. Then it goes off at 8 PM and stays warm until I go to bed at 10 PM. Thank you so much for all your help and excellent advise.  I can certainly recommend your company and your product." – Lia Dewey, Burlingame, CA

  • We LOVE our floors.

    "We LOVE our floors. We love the constant temperature throughout our home. We love that the floors are warm, the room’s a comfortable temperature, but it’s not stuffy like the forced air unit. We love that the husband isn’t dying from the heat when the forced air finally shuts off, and the wife isn’t freezing to death when the forced air finally kicks on.  We love that it doesn’t blow cat hair around the room, like the forced air. It's also great marriage insurance because we have found a temperature we are both happy with! We will NEVER be without it!" – Kimberli Reese, Applegate, CA

  • True Story...

    "Our project came out great! We used 1/4" Durock with thinset over the Warmboard and 13" tile over that. The kitchen / dining area was toasty warm all winter. This is a true story - I went over there one cold winter night and the whole family (5 people) was lying on the kitchen floor on big quilts. They said they just loved the heat and it was the coziest place in the house. The area we remodeled was the only part of the house with radiant floor heating. They were amazed at how the room with the radiant heat felt so much more comfortable than the rest of the house. You could actually feel the heat enveloping you when you walked through the opening to the remodeled area." – Grant L., Norway, MI