Radiant Installers

Fewer manifolds, less tubing, faster response, lower water temps –
here are the benefits you can expect

Warmboard helps to simplify the design process with its incredible reserves of performance. The low conductivity of other radiant products limits performance, and can make them wholly inadequate to keep up with necessary heating needs, even when running at “red line”. These systems will often require 6″ (or tighter) spacing in some areas, and 9”–12“ spacing in still other areas just to barely keep up with varying heat loads. When the cold season hits, radiant installers can be assured that Warmboard will keep their clients warm and happy.

Because of Warmboard’s high performance, our 12” tubing spacing will output more than even 6“ spacing in thin slab. This means that tubing spacing is no longer a critical design consideration. Warmboard uses standard ½” PEX or PEX-AL-PEX tubing. Be sure to review our approved tubing list prior to installation.

Warmboard uses lower water temperatures than other systems. This not only saves the owner more money every month, but is ideal for other energy saving options. Condensing water boilers have their efficiency maximized, and solar and geothermal integrates much more seamlessly.

Slab systems can take hours or days to heat up. With such a long delay between the first call for heat and its delivery out of the slab, undershoot and overshoot are quite common problems, even with control systems that attempt to mitigate this problem. Warmboard heats up in minutes – not hours or days. This means that getting the design of the control system just right is less critical. In fact, many Warmboard systems control beautifully with little more than a few room thermostats and some on/off wax zone actuators.

One of Warmboard’s greatest advantages is its compatibility with virtually all floor coverings. Warmboard works particularly well with hardwoods, delivers ample radiant heat through even the plushest carpeting, and tile or stone can be set over it using conventional methods. Warmboard is the one radiant panel that doesn’t ask you to compromise your floor covering choices. For more detailed information, visit our documents page.