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What you need to know when installing over Warmboard

Installing flooring over Warmboard is quite simple. All standard flooring installation protocols apply. With over 25 million square feet installed around the world, Warmboard has a proven track record of success when used with hardwood, tile, stone, carpet or any other type of finished floor.

Carlisle Wide Plank Hardwood nailed and glued directly over Warmboard

When it comes to installing strip or plank hardwood over Warmboard, know that no additional vapor retarder is necessary - Warmboard’s thick aluminum takes care of that for you. Beyond that, take care to avoid tubing damage while nailing. This is easy with Warmboard since flooring installs directly over our panels, so the tubing can be seen at all times, unlike other radiant options.

Warmboard Inc., like other plywood and OSB panel manufacturers, recommends you follow all installation specifications documented by the NWFA (National Wood Flooring Association).

Whether using plank, wide-plank or strip, engineer or laminate, cork or bamboo, all easily interface with Warmboard. We recommend using one of four standard installation methods, including:

  • Nail down only
  • Glue and nail
  • Glue down only
  • Floating floor with acoustic mat

Be sure to follow the recommendations of the hardwood manufacturer as well. Warmboard is the preferred radiant method for many hardwood and tile companies due to our even heat output which ensures the flooring product does not age prematurely or warp/crack due to uneven heat loads. A complete list of hardwood manufacturers who recommend Warmboard radiant with their hardwood products can be found in our Install Manual.

  • Marble tiles over Warmboard? Sure.
  • Thick carpeting over Warmboard? No problem.

For those installing tile, our Installation Manual has all the necessary information for a successful installation. If you’ve installed tile over a non-radiant floor, you can install it over Warmboard. We recommend using one of 7 methods, all tested and approved by the TCNA (Tile Council of North America). These methods include:

  • Backer Board
  • Mud Bed, Mapei
  • Self-leveling Underlayment, Mapei
  • Uncoupling Mat, Redgard
  • Uncoupling Membrane, Blanke
  • Uncoupling Membrane, Mapei
  • Uncoupling Membrane, Schluter

If installing carpet, we’ve got you covered. While some radiant floor heating systems do not have the power to heat a carpeted home, Warmboard does. Thick wool carpets – no problem. Install just as you would in a non-radiant home.