Feeling the wrong temperature at the wrong time of the day from your radiant system? It’s called “overshoot.”

It’s a common issue with high mass systems. They produce too little heat in the morning, so you turn up the heat. As the day warms, and the interior of your house gets too warm, you turn the heat off – but the high mass continues to produce heat for several hours. The only solution is cool down is to open the doors and windows to quickly release the heat you just paid to produce. Some thermostats attempt to overcome this by changing the heat output several hours before it will take affect. But today when the weather seems to change more rapidly than ever, it is still a poor solution. Only Warmboard can quickly and accurately adjust its output to match changing needs and provide your desired temperature everywhere you are.

Here’s another way to think about radiant performance:

While Warmboard, which is a low-mass system, could be compared to a high-performance sedan, other low-mass systems are older, compact cars. Both get you where you want to go, but the Warmboard car gets you there faster, with better performance, better response times and greater comfort. High mass systems resemble a semi-truck. Very slow to start and get up to speed and in turn, very difficult to slow down. So just as the weather changes throughout the day, Warmboard can adjust accordingly and respond quickly. High mass systems can’t cool down quickly or heat up quickly to meet those needs, thus, overshooting occurs and the house loses it’s comfort factor.