11 reasons why Warmboard is truly the green option for heating.

  1. Wood – As a renewable resource, wood is an ideal building component. It takes far less energy and resources to produce than other building materials like steel, cement or concrete. The wood in our panels is strong, resistant to warping and durable which also has excellent insulation properties. The wood in our panels is sustainably harvested in North America.
  2. Formaldehyde-safe – The phenolic-based adhesives in our products are extremely durable, waterproof, and contribute only trace levels of formaldehyde; far below levels considered unsafe by even the most stringent standards, even those of the United States government.
  3. Recycled aluminum – The 1060 aluminum alloy in our products contains at least 20% recycled aluminum and is the highest quality, most conductive alloy available. This elegantly engineered use of aluminum is the heart of our industry leading energy efficiency.
  4. Low product waste – Our custom CAD design services maximize panel usage and minimize waste with each project. This reduces cost, ensures more accurate shipments to the job site and minimizes excess product to be thrown out in landfills.
  5. Energy Usage – Our patented design makes Warmboard the most energy efficient radiant panel in the marketplace. Our low water temperatures mean less energy consumption and easy interfacing with solar and geothermal technologies.
  6. Green – Only Warmboard is actually green. The panels are physically green.
  7. Zoning – Zoning allows you to set the desired temperature of any room, or area, in your house to a specific temperature to maximize comfort. Additionally, this allows you to turn off unoccupied areas of your home for hours or weeks at a time to save energy.
  8. Health – Unlike forced air systems, radiant heating does not blow allergens, dust particles or airborne viruses throughout a home. Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is improved and occupants will experience a reduction in their allergies and incidents of asthma. Dust mite populations can be reduced by as much as 90%.
  9. Installation process – Our Warmboard-S panel is a radiant heating system combined with an APA-approved structural subfloor. This not only reduces labor (substantially), but it halves the number of materials necessary with other radiant heating products.
  10. Warmboard lives forever…almost! – Unlike many environmentally friendly products we see these days which are designed to last only a few months or years, Warmboard is designed to last the life of the structure. Great news for the environment, great news for the homeowner.
  11. American Made – Warmboard panels are proudly manufactured in Northern California, allowing us to oversee the manufacturing processes. We know exactly what goes into each panel, ensuring quality, safety and health.