Adrian Grenier uses Warmboard...again

For many years, Adrian Grenier was best known for his role as Vince on HBO’s “Entourage”. But today, in addition to his acting career, Adrian is a well-known environmentalist and advocate of sustainable living, cofounding both SHFT and the Lonely Whale Foundation.

We first met Adrian in 2005 when he was involved in a major retrofit of a home in Brooklyn. Adrian began working with GreenHomeNYC to learn as much as he could about sustainable products and green building practices. While researching heating options, he discovered Warmboard. Since the completion of that remodel, Warmboard has been heating his home.

Fast-forward to 2016 –> Adrian is working on another sustainable remodel, and using Warmboard once again.

What makes Warmboard so special? Consider the following:

  • Warmboard is at least 30% more efficient than forced air heating
  • Warmboard is the most energy efficient radiant heating system available
  • Warmboard uses very low water temperatures, extending the life of heating components
  • Warmboard responds quickly to heating needs, ensuring you are always comfortable
  • Warmboard is made from environmentally responsible materials

We often discuss the many benefits of living with Warmboard – from the dramatic energy savings to the unmatched level of comfort. Yet when a prolific environment goodwill ambassador, and actor, seeks you out – it’s still humbling. It’s an honor to have someone like Adrian who is so committed to the Earth and green living that he wants to use your product in his own home–again.

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