Warmboard is an excellent value when considered as part of a complete radiant system. Of course given the quality of the plywood we begin with, the amount of highly conductive aluminum in each panel and quality of our manufacturing process, Warmboard is not inexpensive when considered as a single element of your radiant system. But the numerous job site and system efficiencies, which are inherent to Warmboard result in the highest performance for a bottom line cost that is competitive with systems that simply do not perform as well. Click here to read more.


What our customers say:

"Clearly it would have taken me several additional weeks had I not chosen Warmboard."

We could not be happier. I cannot fathom either installing a gypsum concrete floor or putting in a staple-up all by my lonesome as I was able to do with Warmboard. Although time is not really money for me, time is something I was able to factor in on my materials selections. In essence I was not buying improved materials I was buying materials which improved my time towards a completion date. This was my end goal because clearly it would have taken me several additional weeks had I not chosen Warmboard. We had a lot of ups and downs in the process of building...you and the Warmboard folks definitely being one of the ups. - Cal T., Florence, OR