Tubing & Manifolds

Essential radiant components available with your panel order

As part of our commitment to simplify the processes surrounding radiant floor heating, Warmboard offers tubing and manifolds with every project. Now, when ordering panels, you can also purchase these necessary mechanical components and have them shipped at a time most convenient for your job site. And because our Design Team has done the layouts for your project, we know exactly how much tubing you'll need and the types of manifolds for a successful installation. With a word, we can add the appropriate items to your order, and you’re done. One less thing to worry about.



Warmboard offers PEX-Aluminum-PEX tubing with every panel order. The 1/2" tubing uses the silane cross-linking method and provides 100% oxygen diffusion. Available in 300', 500' and 1000' rolls, our tubing is NSF tested to ASTM 1281 and CSA B137.10 standards. The tubing fits snugly into our Warmboard panels for easy installation and optimal, silent performance.


Warmboard’s high-quality manifolds are an ideal component in a complete Warmboard radiant system. Made from a 11/4" stainless steel body, our manifolds offer adjustable flow rates from 0.0–1.3 GPM per loop. They can also carry up to 50% propylene glycol mixed with water and are certified ASTM F877 and CSA B137.50 testing standards.


As part of a streamlined hydronic heating system, Warmboard offers actuators which are perfectly paired with our manifolds, opening and closing on demand to allow heated water to travel to the correct loop and zone when needed. The 24 volt, 4-wire actuators have an operating capacity of 1.8 Watts.


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