Warmboard in Brownstone Applications

Warmboard radiant panels are ideal for use in a Brownstone, offering numerous benefits to the architect, builder and homeowner.

When renovating or retrofitting a Brownstone, there are a few factors to consider when upgrading the heating system. Adding Warmboard to your Brownstone project not only solves structural and logistical problems, it creates the most comfortable atmosphere for the homeowner. Here are some of the benefits in choosing Warmboard for your next project.


  • Warmboard-S is a radiant, tongue and groove structural subfloor panel measuring 4’x8’. It is 11/8″ thick and made from 7-ply plywood.
  • Warmboard-R measures 2’x4’ and is 13/16″ thick and is often used as an overlay product.

The rectangular layout of the Brownstone makes installation of Warmboard panels very efficient. A typical Brownstone requires installing only 4 or 5 Warmboard-S panels across the width of the space. The panels go in quickly, lowering labor costs and helping to keep your project on time. Our panels are durable and can easily endure the rigors of a typical job site.

For particularly tight spaces, Warmboard-R is also an excellent solution. Used primarily over an existing subfloor, Warmboard-R is a smaller and thinner product which provides the same superior comfort as the larger Warmboard-S. Regardless of the product you choose, our logistics team is very experienced in coordinating the delivery of panels. Whether on a narrow street or requiring product to be loaded through a freight elevator or through a window, we’ll ensure panels are delivered in accordance with your layout, even palletized by floor for easier coordination on site.

Design benefits
As those living in a Brownstone are aware, space is precious. Warmboard can be a great help in this regard.Warmboard eliminates perimeter radiators and opens up more space for your design choices – place furniture anywhere you wish. And with our tubing spaced widely at 12 inches, your system will require less space for our mechanical components. Add in low water temperatures, and Warmboard allows for very simple, space-saving controls, freeing up parts of your house to be used for other purposes.

For homes using hardwood or restored hardwood flooring, our even surface temperatures ensure hardwood is not damaged, and our panels offer a firm nailing surface. And for those homes with high ceilings, radiant keeps the heat focused where you are.Warmboard has been installed in hundreds of Brownstones as the sole, whole home heating solution. We have a very successful track record in navigating the complexities of delivering to these homes and are confident that your installation will go smoothly. Contact us today about your upcoming project.We’ll be happy to answer any questions and ensure you have all the information you need to make an informed decision.