Warmboard Explained

The radiant industry is divided into two segments: Floor warming, usually done in a small area/bathroom with an electric mat, and floor heating, which is generally done throughout an entire home. Flooring heating is usually accomplished by circulating hot water through tubing hidden beneath your finished floors.

Warmboard is a whole-home hydronic radiant solution that provides ultimate comfort, compared to other radiant technology, while lowering operating cost. We do this through our patented design and industry-leading low mass, high conductivity panel. In fact, as you research radiant solutions for your home, keep in mind that 'conductivity' is the most important feature in any radiant system. High conductivity means water temperatures in the system can be lowered, decreasing energy use and lowering monthly bills while extending the life of mechanical equipment. Lower water temperatures also allow Warmboard to seamlessly integrate with solar and geothermal systems without the need for additional hardware. Our conductivity allows for faster response to changing heat loads throughout the day, ensuring constant comfort. It also means more even floor temperatures and access to a wider variety of flooring options.

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Our company sells two products, both of which offer the same benefits of our unmatched conductivity. Our original Warmboard-S panel is a code-approved structural subfloor and radiant panel in one; ideal for new construction. Our Warmboard-R panel is ideal remodels, and installs over slab or existing subfloor. It is also frequently installed in the walls or ceiling for those looking to preserve existing floor coverings.

While all heating systems have the singular purpose of making your home more comfortable, forced air systems also blow dust and allergens throughout your home. They produce uneven, noisy heat and waste energy in any number of ways.

The Romans developed radiant heating over two thousand years ago, and since that time it has been considered the pinnacle of heating comfort. Additionally, radiant heating will dramatically improve your indoor air quality, and now more than ever, lower your heating bills.