• I could not believe how fast my home started to heat up

    “[I know that] radiant heat is the absolute best way to heat a home. So when building my personal home I knew that I wanted to have my home as energy efficient as possible. I was searching to find the latest and greatest product that could meet my needs. I found that with Warmboard, and I have been blown away by the product. The install process was seamless and so easy. To have a radiant heat product that acts as your sub-floor saved me time and money in the install process. My plumber who had never used the product before was so impressed with it that he is now recommending it to all of his clients when they come to him in search for radiant heat. In the days leading up to turning on the heat in my home I could not wait to finally feel the warmth under my feet. Once the heat was turned on I could not believe how fast my home started to heat up. I have 30 ft. ceilings in the main room of the house and in no time my house was at 60 degrees. My house will be completed in May and even though it will be Spring time I think I am going to be wishing it was winter again just so I can feel that incredible warmth that runs throughout your body when walking on Warmboard. Yes I just said that I am actually looking forward to winter this year!!” John Colaneri, Cousins TV, New Jersey

  • I was impressed with how easily this all went together

    ...I installed the Warmboard panels and all the tubing by myself with no problems. I was impressed with how easily this all went together. Thanks again for a great product. Bob H., Michigan

  • Performance Beyond Our Expectations

    This fall/winter however, we brought [Warmboard] online and have been optimizing and dialing it in throughout the season. The system has performed beyond our expectations and has produced one of the most stable and comfortable living environments that I have encountered. … With no prior experience with radiant heating prior to this project, we are happy with what we were able to put together. Thanks for all your help. Your company was a pleasure to work with. - Clayton K., Louisiana

  • GC and plumber very pleased

     Warmboard was done in early April. Complete project done in early May. Probably got 3 weeks of heat running time in April before turning off heating system. Very impressed with Warmboard and how it performed for the short time we had it on. Really looking forward to next  winter so I can give the system a workout. General contractor and plumber are very pleased with details provided on layout. I would like to thank you and your organization for the timely information and responses when needed. - Jeff R., Sun Prairie, WI

  • The [low] waste factor is great

      Warmboard-R is great! The install is quick and accurate with these light/small panels. I met with our contractor last night and he said the Warmboard-R panels had just arrived on his jobsite, but was surprised at the size. I told him I thought they were the ticket, and why. The [low] waste factor is great and the on-site fine adjustments are sweet. I stand behind everything I said about their feasibility in earlier emails - it's a cool product, and I'm sold!! P.S. The ability to adjust things on site is awesome. We even rose up and put It on a hearth. - Matthew O., Eureka, CA

  • Your product was worth every dime!

     I'd be happy to recommend your product. We rave about it on a regular basis! My girlfriend has radiant floor heating in her condo in Breck, however it is not Warmboard so we know the difference.....We thought that was great until we started living at the Pecos House. Your product was worth every dime! Thanks for reaching out and again, we'd be happy to speak to any prospective homeowner. - Sebastian G., Denver, CO.

  • Awesome!!

     The floors worked out awesome!! We ran an infrared camera on the house after the flooring was put in and we could see the floor holding consistant temperature throughout practically every square inch. James M., Nolensville, TN

  • True Story...

     Our project came out great! We used 1/4" Durock with thinset over the Warmboard and 13" tile over that. The kitchen / dining area was toasty warm all winter. This is a true story - I went over there one cold winter night and the whole family (5 people) was lying on the kitchen floor on big quilts. They said they just loved the heat and it was the coziest place in the house. The area we remodeled was the only part of the house with radiant floor heating. They were amazed at how the room with the radiant heat felt so much more comfortable than the rest of the house. You could actually feel the heat enveloping you when you walked through the opening to the remodeled area. - Grant L., Norway, MI

  • We LOVE our floors.

    We LOVE our floors. We love the constant temperature throughout our home. We love that the floors are warm, the room’s a comfortable temperature, but it’s not stuffy like the forced air unit. We love that the husband isn’t dying from the heat when the forced air finally shuts off, and the wife isn’t freezing to death when the forced air finally kicks on.  We love that it doesn’t blow cat hair around the room, like the forced air. It's also great marriage insurance because we have found a temperature we are both happy with! We will NEVER be without it! - Kimberli Reese, Applegate, CA

  • I couldn't be happier

     I wanted to wait and see how the radiant floor heating is going to work once I start using it so I could give you a good evaluation. Well, I couldn't be happier with it. I have the heat come on in the morning and again in the evening. It is so comfortable; no comparison to forced air heating. The warmth is where I need it - on my feet and legs. No longer cold feet. It responds quickly when it's coming on and turning off which is a relief because I was worried about that. A different contractor thought I should also have forced air heating for warming up the house quickly if needed. I am so glad I didn't install that because it's absolutely unnecessary. I have the Luxpro thermostat set to come on an hour before I get up at 6 AM. It goes off at 9 AM. The house stays warm, especially if it's sunny until 5 PM when the heat comes on again. Then it goes off at 8 PM and stays warm until I go to bed at 10 PM. Thank you so much for all your help and excellent advise.  I can certainly recommend your company and your product. - Lia Dewey, Burlingame, CA