Warmboard Comfort System HP

CEO Terry Alsberg and Jim Bashford of Space Pak discuss the technical aspects of the new heat pump option with the Warmboard Comfort System.

Installing Warmboard-S with Steve Baczek

Episode 5 of Build Show Boston features a discussion on the installation of Warmboard-S.

The Build Show Webinar

The Build Show Network hosts Warmboard for this session on heating, trends in construction, the benefits of radiant floor heating.

Builder and Homeowner Talks WCS

An interview with Builder and Homeowner Dave Zammit about his experience with the Warmboard Comfort System.

Homeowner on Why She Chose Warmboard

Julie gives tours this 3500/sf home in Connecticut while the homeowner shares her reasons for choosing Warmboard.

Two Installers Describe Their Experience with WCS

Two installers in Langley, BC share their experiences working with Warmboard and installing the Warmboard Comfort System (WCS).

Homeowner Shares Why He Chose WCS

Ken shares his reasons for choosing WCS as we take a quick tour of this 4700/sf log home in Bozeman, Montana.

Homeowner Connects his System

Russell works with homeowner Michael to make the final connections in his Warmboard Comfort System and get the home up and running.

Radiant Installer Compares WCS to other Radiant

Radiant installer Steve Falana compares WCS to the more traditional forms of radiant he has installed over the last 20+ years. In short – easier, faster, cheaper.

Homeowner & Builder on the Installation So Far

Randy Bonnevie of Bonnevie Construction talks about using Warmboard in his own home, and his experience with the product and the company.

Plumber Describes his WCS Experience

Plumber Ryan Barnholdt shares his experience installing WCS and how it compares to a previous radiant project – 8 hours vs 40.

Homeowner & Industrial Designer describes the progress on his home

Russell takes a quick tour of this private home of Industrial Designer and Product Developer, Eric Strebel.

Architects Insights on Building a Home

Architect Mike Tinsley discusses some best practices when looking to hire a designer for your next home.

Interview with CEO Terry Alsberg

Host Matt Nicosia interviews inventor and CEO Terry Alsberg about the construction industry and radiant heating trends.