Common Indoor Heating Methods

A look at the three primary heating methods in North America – wall radiators, forced air heating, and radiant floor heating.

Why Radiant?

Forced Air Heating has been the standard in North American homes since the end of WWII, but it is deeply flawed and highly inefficient.

Homeowner Survey

In 2017 an Independent Market Research company to ask Homeowners using Warmboard about their experience with the product. These are the results.

Introducing the Warmboard Comfort System

WCS is the modern solution to indoor comfort, with a streamlined design, faster and less complex installations, greater performance and unmatched comfort.

WCS: How Does It Work?

A quick visualization of how components in the Warmboard Comfort System wirelessly communicate to maximize comfort in every room in the house.

Warmboard Thermostats

Learn about the approach to our unique thermostat design and see how easy our thermostats are to use.

Building a House with Warmboard

See how Warmboard integrates into a new home – not that different from a non-radiant project.

DiY/HGTV Feature

Discovery TV stopped by our tradeshow booth to do a quick feature on our Warmboard Comfort System.

Understanding Sound Attenuation

Sound transfer from one rooms can be mitigated by using Warmboard-recommended floor assemblies with high STC and IIC sound ratings.

Thermographic: Gypsum Concrete vs Warmboard

This side-by-side test shows two popular methods of radiant floor heating, low-mass Warmboard and high-mass gypsum concrete.

Thermographic: Quik Trak vs Warmboard

Watch how this popular low-mass panel compares to Warmboard, and see why conductivity is such an essential component in your radiant system.

Thermographic: Staple Up vs Warmboard

While often considered a "cheaper method", installation costs typically run very high, and performance can be seen here.