We are delighted with our Warmboard house

“I am replying to you from my geothermally-heated home in rural Quebec. The entire house has radiant floor heating and I could not be more pleased with [my decision to use] Warmboard. The majority of the house has ceramic flooring but engineered hardwood covers the floors in the bedrooms and the dining room. Following the excellent advice your company provided, no problems occurred during the installation of either type of floor-covering.

The house is best described as cozy - everywhere. From basement to upper floor, gentle heat keeps us comfortable even when it is bitterly cold outside. There are no overheated areas nor are there draughty spots.

When the kitchen cabinets were installed, and the plumbing was fitted in the bathrooms, your piping diagrams showing the exact location of each pipe, allowing the builders to drill the floors with confidence that a disaster was not about to happen. 

There are twelve thermostats in the house which regulate the temperature so well. The system is quite sophisticated but with the engineering expertise we received with the Warmboard package it was installed with few glitches and no major headaches.

I would like […] to thank you, for the support we received during the building of this house. We are delighted to live in a Warmboard house. Thank you.”