WCS review from Plumber in Colorado

"I've heard about Warmboard over the years through the industry, talking with my fellow plumbers and hydronics people and whatnot. I’d never used the Warmboard Comfort System as we did over on this project, but after utilizing this entire package that you guys provide, I’ve come to  realize how much of a high quality offering it is. And while I wouldn’t say it’s simple, WCS definitely reduces the complexity of a hydronic system installation.  

The customer relationship with Warmboard far exceeded anything with any other company I’ve ever worked with. The Warmboard team is highly responsive and gets back with you right away. They answer the phones, which is huge nowadays. I find that a simple phone call is always better, and the Warmboard team is great. Quite honestly, I have never experienced a better support team or a customer service team. That’s really true and I’m not even joking."

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