Warmboard was chosen over other radiant

“Radiant heat was chosen for its many health and lifestyle benefits. When radiant was initially suggested we were pleased that our LEED consultant immediately embraced the proposition, and we're certain that the use of radiant was a key factor in attaining the first LEED for Homes Gold rating in Manhattan.

Warmboard was easily chosen over other radiant technologies due to its many technical advantages over its competition. The aluminum top sheet especially impressed us as a means of more evenly distributed heat. Specifically, we liked that the sub-floor would be pre-routed to accept the radiant tubing. In this respect, Warmboard made far more sense to use than the other products available.

Very few design allowances were required to use Warmboard. Our greatest challenge as designers was deciding where to locate and conceal the manifolds on each floor. This proved fairly easy to accomplish by addressing our needs early in the design process.”