Reviews from our Satisfied Clients

"Theoretically, it just seems smarter to have heat on top, rather than below the subfloor. The people involved in my new home project did a great job. I installed a boiler with a sensor that assesses the exterior temperature, allowing us to really control the fuel costs. I am convinced the savings offset the cost of the Warmboard system. For example, our winter weather can drop to 20 degrees below zero, and in our previous home fuel heating with propane was costing us six to seven thousand dollars a year, this year it cost only one thousand dollars. That is a huge savings! The design documents Warmboard supplied were excellent, and we have 11 zones in our home. Also, as a builder I recognize that Warmboard reduces labor costs, and since you know where the tubing is, repairs are simple. The Warmboard system just makes sense!"

Chuck V.
Homeowner, Builder, Vermont

"We are thrilled with the practicality and performance of the Warmboard system and the many options for floor coverings, including salvaged hardwood. During flooring installation, the ability to see the tubing was ideal. Warmboard's technical support was outstanding throughout our entire project. They always had time to talk to us and answer any questions we had. We would recommend Warmboard to anyone!"

Bruce B.
Builder, Washington

"I love Warmboard. The tubing went down really well. The layouts that Warmboard provided were great. What is most impressive is that the water temperatures I run my system at are extremely low and response time is extremely fast, even with all hardwood and tile floors. Warmboard’s efficiency proved true. The original design takeoff from the engineer was designed in accordance with a slab system, calling for set-back controls and a high efficiency boiler, however none of those setback controls were needed. Warmboard heats the 3500 square foot home with a 75 gal LP gas water heater set at only 95 degrees. The homeowner is extremely pleased. I would absolutely use Warmboard again, in fact I will use it every chance I get. No problems, just awesome."

Don M.
Plumber, Oregon

"Grand Park, [Co.] is committed to creating a community that sets new standards for quality in Grand County…Grand Park has incorporated the practices of green building into the first neighborhood…One of the most luxurious features in the homes is the use of Warmboard radiant heat. Widely accepted as the most comfortable, healthy and energy efficient form of heat, Warmboard is especially attractive because its systems are easily zoned and have a fast response time, reducing energy usage by heating only the occupied rooms or regions…Because of it’s high conductivity, Warmboard’s 12″ on center tubing outperforms other panels using 6″ on center tubing. This spacing also results in lower material usage. It replaces a traditional plywood sub-floor, further reducing wood usage while its high conductivity reduces the amount of tubing and manifolds needed."

Kirsten L.
Marketing Director, Colorado

"The Warmboard radiant system is perfect. Quiet, invisible, and comfortable. Thanks for your help it all came off without a hitch. The system continues to perform well and our heating bills are substantially lower than last year. We're very happy with our decision to use Warmboard."

Darren D.
Homeowner, Washington

“We are big fans of Warmboard’s approach to radiant floor heating, and have used it in about 10 or more projects. It is smart, efficient and works well with modular construction. There is little waste and construction is made easier. Plus, it can work with all the flooring materials we like to use. Aesthetically, it leaves the space visually clean without having to make vents.”

Michelle K.
Architect, California

"I've conversed with individuals from every facet of their company each person has been extremely helpful and informative … even though I was a novice on these issues when starting out. Over the three years of designing my project and enduring construction delays for various reasons, I've sent them a ton of questions and phone messages. They have followed up on every single one ... even providing technical information and explanations. Every individual seems passionate, and ethical, about the product...where do you find that today??"

JoEllen H.
Homeowner, Alaska

"[I have] been extremely impressed with the ease of installation of Warmboard panels. If any radiant method can achieve full heating capabilities in a home, Warmboard can, and it can usually do so even with low temperature heating methods like geothermal heat pumps.In our experience, we can maximize a wood floor output at about 30 BTUs/sq ft at no more than 115 degree supply water temperature. With tile the situation is even better. That is typically enough output to satisfy all but the highest heat load spaces with floor heat alone, eliminating the need for secondary heat sources in almost all cases."

Rob B.
Radiant Specialist, Maine

"I convinced the homeowners to choose Warmboard because it is the easiest to use and the best design. The heating system in this particular home is the most incredible high-end heating system with a Viessmann boiler, Warmboard radiant subfloor & Kitec tubing. Just let me tell you, the building commissioner who came to inspect the home was very impressed. The efficiency of the system is amazing. I’ve used other systems, but Warmboard is the best."

Harry S.
Home Builder, New Hampshire