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Escape Long Island's Chill: Embrace Year-Round Comfort with Warmboard

Unleash the Warmboard Advantage:

  • Uncompromising Comfort: Imagine stepping onto toasty floors the moment you rise, enjoying gentle warmth radiating up from below, chasing away the bite of Long Island mornings and evenings.
  • Preserving Long Island's Character: Warmboard's gentle heat protects historic details and treasured hardwood floors, a common feature in many Long Island homes, preventing warping, gapping, and other heat-related concerns.
  • Effortless Elegance, Seamless Integration: Warmboard's invisible warmth and whisper-quiet operation integrate seamlessly into your lifestyle without sacrificing aesthetics or comfort, complementing any architectural style, from charming beach bungalows to modern estates.
  • Energy Efficiency for the Seasons: Enjoy energy-efficient operation that minimizes your environmental footprint and utility bills, perfect for navigating the changing seasons across Long Island.

Warmboard: Tailored Comfort for Long Island Homes:

  • From Cozy Cottages to Spacious Estates: Whether you're nestled in a cozy cottage or a spacious waterfront estate, we offer a custom solution for your unique heating needs, ensuring consistent warmth in every corner of your home.
  • Space-Saving Solutions, Maximum Comfort: Unlike bulky radiators or intrusive baseboards, Warmboard discreetly hides beneath the floor, maximizing space and preserving the clean lines of your Long Island haven.
  • Modern Innovation, Timeless Charm: Warmboard gently warms your historic Victorian home or your modern beach retreat, preserving the charm of the past while offering cutting-edge comfort for the modern Long Islander.

Total Projects installed in Long Island:

780 projects

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The first step is to supply Warmboard with the construction documents for your project. From there, our in-house engineers perform a complete heat loss analysis as the starting point to create your mechanical design.


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