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Radiant Floor Heating in Colorado

From the snow-capped peaks to the vibrant valleys, Colorado demands a comfortable haven. At Warmboard, we specialize in crafting invisible warmth that transforms your residence into a year-round sanctuary. Our expertly designed systems and patented radiant heat panels deliver silent, consistent heat from the ground up, creating comfort in any room. Check out some of our local Colorado projects from contemporary mountain retreats in Aspen to classic Denver townhouses.

When it comes to radiant floor heating for your prized hardwood floors and other flooring materials, conductivity is king, and Warmboard panels reign supreme. Their secret lies in their high-grade aluminum construction, designed to efficiently transfer heat throughout the system, ensuring even warmth across every inch of your floor. This exceptional conductivity not only optimizes comfort but also protects your hardwood investment. Unlike less conductive systems that can create localized hot spots, Warmboard panels distribute heat gently and uniformly, preventing warping, gapping, and other heat-related damage.

Whether you're seeking cozy comfort for your chalet, preserving the charm of a historical floor, or embarking on a modern remodel, Warmboard offers the perfect blend of efficiency, comfort, and floor protection - making them the ideal choice for your unique heating needs.

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