“The Cousins” talk Warmboard

If you watch The Ellen Show or HGTV, you are no doubt familiar with Anthony Carrino and John Colaneri. The Cousins have had very successful series' on HGTV and now have their very own channel on Ellentube called, "Grand Design". But they're not only talented tv personas, they are also exceptional in renovation, construction, and design.

We first met John and Anthony in 2013 when John was building his own home in New Jersey. He was immediately impressed with the product, not only in its efficient installation process but its performance. And as winter came along, John sent us this message:

“Warmboard has been running in my house all winter and I could not be happier…. The house is an even, constant temperature and feeling the warmth on your feet is like being in a spa. One of the biggest benefits has been my heating bill. I am seeing huge savings and the return on my investment is already paying off. This product is well worth the investment and I cannot wait to use it on the next build.”

Like all of our clients, John is experiencing a whole host of benefits with Warmboard – superior performance, low operating costs and constant comfort.

The system has performed so well, Anthony's parents decided to install Warmboard in their new home. (scroll down for photos of the recently completed project)

It’s been incredible having advocates like John and Anthony in our corner. As builders, they understand the many benefits Warmboard brings to a job site, especially over other systems. And now, they've experienced the incredible comfort our system provides as well.

“[I know that] radiant heat is the absolute best way to heat a home. So when building my personal home I knew that I wanted to have my home as energy efficient as possible. I was searching to find the latest and greatest product that could meet my needs. I found that with Warmboard, and I have been blown away by the product. The install process was seamless and so easy. To have a radiant heat product that acts as your sub-floor saved me time and money in the install process. My plumber who had never used the product before was so impressed with it that he is now recommending it to all of his clients when they come to him in search for radiant heat. In the days leading up to turning on the heat in my home I could not wait to finally feel the warmth under my feet. Once the heat was turned on I could not believe how fast my home started to heat up. I have 30 ft. ceilings in the main room of the house and in no time my house was at 70 degrees. My house will be completed in May and even though it will be Spring time I think I am going to be wishing it was winter again just so I can feel that incredible warmth that runs throughout your body when walking on Warmboard. Yes I just said that I am actually looking forward to winter this year!!”
John Colaneri, May 2013

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