What’s included with the Warmboard Comfort System?


WCS includes custom Mechanical Designs, Warmboard's award-winning panels (Warmboard-S or Warmboard-R depending on need), Tubing, PEX tubing, manifolds, actuators and most of the necessary plumbing components (ball valves, brass union, pressure reducing valve, etc…). WCS also includes Warmsource (boiler with pump and expansion tank, and SRC), Manifold Controllers, and Thermostats and Bridge. All of these devices are pre-configured by us to integrate seamlessly once installed.

The WCS system is a closed loop system used for flooring heating only and is completely isolated from the Domestic Hot Water needs. The current standard appliance used for heating Domestic Hot Water would not change, meaning the use of a standalone water heater or tankless heater would still be installed as usual.

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