How to Save on Energy Bills with Radiant Heat

Energy savings is a topic that’s on the mind of many homeowners today. One of the most significant ways to cut your energy bills is to focus on heating. Households use about 45% of the energy they consume for heating, so seeking out more efficient heating methods can save a lot of money. Today, radiant heat energy savings are well worth taking a look at.

What Is Radiant Heat?

Radiant heat is a type of heating that’s rapidly gaining popularity. You might also hear it called radiant floor heat or just floor heat. It’s a system that provides heat through your flooring, either through radiant panels underneath your flooring or integrated radiant flooring panels that are all one piece.

Inside these panels are winding tubes that carry water. The water is by a boiler and circulated through the entire system beneath your floors. Boilers are available today with natural gas, electric, and other fuel sources. As the heated water circulates, it transfers heat through the flooring into the room.

This provides a very even heating throughout your home, allowing you and your family to enjoy the highest levels of comfort compared to other heating options. Combined with modern control capabilities, radiant heat can keep your home at a consistent temperature no matter what’s going on outside.

Radiant heat also offers increased control over the temperature in individual rooms. Use multiple thermostats to individualize the temperature for each area of your home. Easily set your bedroom one temperature, your bedroom another, and your bathroom another still. While you might be able to close vents with forced air heating systems, this isn’t as effective as being able to control the flow of heated water to spaces throughout your home.

How Does Radiant Heat Reduce Energy Bills?

Radiant heat energy savings are some of the most significant benefits that come with these innovative systems. You and your family can enjoy lower energy bills with a more efficient and less wasteful heating system.

Forced air systems can be incredibly wasteful because they can’t target specific areas. They simply spread heat anywhere throughout your home based on how air circulates. Without the ability to control air circulation precisely, this leads to wasted heat and higher energy bills.

Radiant heat energy savings arise from the fact that you can heat specific areas in your home accurately and precisely. Heating the floor also helps lower heating costs. Because hot air rises, you want your heating source as low as possible to avoid a temperature gradient. The floor is the optimal position for heating, which helps make radiant heating the perfect solution for your home.

Radiant heat is also more efficient than many types of heating systems. Using a centralized boiler to heat water is very energy-efficient, and distribution requires less energy than forced air systems.

With modern smart control systems, radiant heat energy savings can go even further. Whether through scheduling or remote access through Wi-Fi apps, you can use your smart heating system to optimize your heating profile for maximum energy savings.

Is Radiant Heat the Right Investment for my Home?

If you want lower energy bills, then yes, radiant heat is likely the right investment for your home. When it comes time for your next major renovation or HVAC system replacement, you should consider the benefits of radiant heat and how it can lower heating costs for decades to come.

If you’re planning new construction, then radiant heat is definitely an option you should look into. Going with radiant heat from the start can simplify the design and construction process. Radiant heat also frees up your home for more design options, thanks to the lack of ductwork.

Financially, installing radiant floor heating is one of the best ways to lower energy bills. You can save 25% or more on your heating bills compared to forced air heating. Just imagine what that will add up to when taken off your heating bills month after month.

There are other benefits to investing in radiant heat for your home as well. Indoor air quality is a major issue with forced air systems. They spread dust, dirt, pollen, dander, and germs throughout your home, even with filters in place. Radiant heat relies on a closed circuit of heated water, not air circulated throughout your home, so there’s no concern about poor air quality.

Any home could benefit from radiant heat energy savings. It’s well worth looking into your potential savings and installation costs for such a radiant heat system if you’re looking for a way to reduce your energy bills.

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