The original Warmboard panel, Warmboard-S, is our flagship radiant heat panel and the leading product in the industry, preferred by architects, builders and homeowners alike. It is 1–1/8” thick radiant panel that provides unmatched response, energy efficiency and comfort. The thickness of the 7 ply plywood panel also means you can install it as a structural subfloor. Yes. The same labor used to install a subfloor can be used to install Warmboard-S. As the panels are installed, the modular channel pattern automatically produces the tubing layout, a process that takes much more time with other radiant systems. Roll out the ½” PEX Aluminum PEX tubing into the stamped pattern and attach to the hydronic circuit. This smooth process saves you money throughout your construction process.

Warmboard-S Specifications

Panel Thickness: 1 1/8″ Panel Size: 4′ x 8′ Tubing Spacing: 12″ Panel Types: Straight, Left Turn, Right Turn and Double Panel Conduction Method: 0.025″ Thick 1060 Aluminum Tubing Size: 1/2″

Which Product is Right for Me?

Warmboard-S and Warmboard-R offer the same superior heating performance. Both products are made with the same thick aluminum that covers the entire panel surface, including all straight and curved channels where tubing is placed. Thermodynamically identical, both products provide the same benefits of comfort and energy efficiency. Generally, new construction and new additions will use Warmboard-S, benefitting from its dual function as a structural subfloor. Remodeled areas of a home will typically use Warmboard-R. Our staff is ready to guide you through this process should you have further questions.

How do Warmboard-S and Warmboard-R differ?

Warmboard-S is a structural radiant panel that is 1-1/8” thick, made of Douglas Fir 7 ply plywood, and is sold in full-faced tongue and groove 4’ x 8’ sheets. Warmboard-R is 13/16” thick, made of aspen and pine oriented strand board (OSB) and is sold in square edged 2’x 4’ panels. Both products have the same thick, highly conductive 1060 alloy aluminum, which is securely bonded to the entire surface. This 0.025” plate is continuous in all tubing grooves. The thinner nature of Warmboard-R makes it particularly well suited for projects where a lower profile is advantageous.

Click here to see sample Panel and Tubing layout plans for a Warmboard project.

Download information on the Warmboard–S Panel and the Warmboard–S Panel Installation Guide
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Warmboard–S Panel Info
Warmboard–S Panel Installation Guide