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Constant Comfort

Comfort is best understood as the absence of discomfort. This is why we brag that the most remarkable thing about Warmboard is... nothing!
With a Warmboard home, it’s what you don’t notice. No air vents or baseboard radiators to see or limit furniture placement. No noisy mechanical systems blowing hot air and dust; irritating your allergies or exacerbating winter dryness. No wasted energy as hot air rises to the ceiling, making upstairs bedrooms too hot while downstairs remains cold.

Quiet invisible warmth greets your feet when you get out of your cozy bed or when stepping out of the shower. Floor temperatures are even, uniform, and exquisitely comfortable. The pleasant warmth of Warmboard is a subtle experience. Never too hot, never too cold, always just right.

Warmboard responds quickly to your heating needs and delivers luxurious radiant heat where it needs to be. And as your heating needs change throughout the day, Warmboard precisely adjusts, ensuring your home is the perfect temperature.

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The look and feel of your home contribute to its comfort, and is strongly influenced by your floor coverings. When you use Warmboard there are no limitations on what flooring you can use. Wide plank hardwood, thick wool rugs, slate, marble and tile all work with Warmboard. You can have exactly what you want.

A truly comfortable, custom home can be a great joy for you and your family. After all, isn’t that why you’re building or remodeling? You thoughtfully choose the right appliances, the color and finish of the walls, the furniture and the type of flooring to make your home as incredible as possible. But after all these decisions are made, you still want to be comfortable. Choosing a heating system will affect your comfort in every room in your house, every single day.
We understand that this is your dream home and take pride that no matter what the temperature may be outside, you and your family will always enjoy constant comfort inside. In fact, our goal is to make your home so comfortable, you don’t even notice us.

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Personal information that is collected is not shared with or sold to any outside parties. Click to read our Privacy Policy