How to Buy

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Warmboard partners with you to carefully manage every project. Whether you are an architect, builder, plumber, radiant installer or homeowner, we want to ensure you get all the help you need for a seamless project. We sell direct which streamlines the sales process and eliminates hidden costs. This ensures fair pricing and accurate bidding.

Step 1: Call or Register
The first step is to connect with us. Just give us a call (1.877.338.5493) and one of our friendly Project Managers will answer, and start learning about your project. If you would prefer, you can also register here.

Step 2: Send in your plans
After we've established that Warmboard is right for your project, the next step is to send in your plans (2D DWG files preferred as we work in CAD). Once in hand, we will provide a FREE preliminary design of your project noting zoning, manifold locations, and hardwood direction, where applicable. This will give you a good understanding of how Warmboard will integrate into your project, as well as more accurate pricing.

Step 3: Panel and Tubing Layouts
With your approval of the estimated costs, we can go into full design. While we do charge for this service, the amount is credited to your account when you make your purchase. Once presented with your custom plans, you will be able to make revisions as needed until your requirements are met. Our plans are done on full D-size sheets and can be easily incorporated into architectural plan sets as needed. Warmboard can also provide complete Heat Loss and Mechanical Designs, and we provide a detailed materials list of all the components necessary for your project.

Step 4: Shipping
With plans approved, we'll coordinate with you to get your panels delivered in a timeframe that meets your needs. For convenience, we can also arrange to ship your tubing and manifolds at a later date. Once on site, we continue to provide the best customer support in the industry to ensure your installation is successful and your home is comfortable.

Let's get started.