A Warmboard heated home is a cleaner, healthier home

As many of us are sheltering, working and learning from home, the importance of designing your new home or remodel with an eye towards health and comfort has never been more apparent. If you’re planning to build or remodel when this pandemic is over, you may want to ask yourself whether it still makes sense to heat with a forced-air system that re-aerosols dust, bacteria, and viruses constantly throughout your home. And just in case you think your furnace’s filter makes forced air safe, the Coronavirus is much too small to be caught by a HEPA filter.

In a Warmboard home, the air is still and quiet. Coronavirus falls naturally to the ground within about six feet of the point that it’s introduced into your home where a mop or vacuum can remove it permanently. Asthma sufferers have long known the health benefits of a Warmboard radiant heated home, but now all of us with health concerns understand the need for cleaner homes.

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