Total Warmth System

For over a decade the choice in radiant panels has been between Warmboard and everyone else. But regardless of panel type, the rest of the radiant system was complex, difficult to install, unnecessarily expensive, and troublesome to maintain and operate.

We've decided to change that.

Starting Q3, Warmboard will be offing a revolutionary product aimed to change the face of radiant. Entitled the Total Warmth System, this end-to-end solution will deliver a complete system designed to be the perfect pairing for Warmboard panels.


At the heart of the Total Warmth System rests a new type of heat source. Representing the ultimate in performance, efficiency and smart engineering, Warmsource boasts an impressive modulation range of 25,000 – 76,000 BTUh. Each system is perfectly paired with Warmboard’s super-efficient panels so in keeping you warm, Warmsource won’t even need to break a sweat.

  • Dedicated heat source for Warmboard radiant heat, not for domestic water.
  • Units are available for natural gas or propane.
  • The perfect heat source for houses from 1000 to 3000 sq ft
  • State-of-the-art 76,000 BTUh input modulating burner achieves up to 97% efficiency
  • Automatically and fully modulates water temperatures for ideal energy efficiency, from mild spring days to the coldest winter nights
  • One simple package that is as quick and easy to install as a conventional water heater


Controlling Warmsource are our high-resolution touch-screen thermostats. The intuitive design elegantly displays only the information you need. One tap accesses set point adjustments and programming functions. Tap again to access additional scheduling options. This thermostat was designed to be self-guiding and easy to use.

Whether optimizing room temperature, programming for energy savings or setting up a vacation mode, the Warmboard thermostat makes controlling your home’s comfort a quick and simple process. And there’s no need to set the clock – it sets itself, even after a time change or after a power outage.

Warmboard thermostats install into a standard J-box and operate using Power Line Communication (PLC) technology. Signals are transmitted through your home’s power grid, which means no extra wires, or batteries, required. PLC eliminates hundreds of feet of wiring and hundreds, to thousands, of dollars in labor to string all that wire throughout your home.

Intuitive design, simple controls and smart technology make this the first thermostat worthy of a Warmboard system. Thermostats mount flush with the wall for a sophisticated streamlined appearance. Thermostats also have the unique ability to display system diagnostics information. In this event guidance is only a touch away.


Our quintessentially easy-to-install manifolds control the individual temperature zones in your house. Our innovative manifold system communicates with the Warmboard thermostat through the PLC protocol, eliminating hundreds of additional feet of laborious wiring. Information sent wirelessly to the Warmsource water heater allows for real time modulation of water temperatures for optimum energy efficiency.

Designed for performance, simplicity and convenience, the Total Warmth System provides everything needed to heat homes up to 3000 square feet. Our complete plumb-and-play heating component, Warmsource, along with easy to use thermostats, wireless manifolds, tubing and high conductivity radiant panels make Warmboard the ideal stop for your next radiant system.

Installing mechanical components was never easier. Warmsource features strictly stainless steel flange and union connections that take copper and sweating out of the equation. Setup is painless and not labor intensive as all modules come pre-programed and ready to mount. All wires are intuitively color coded for effortless install. Thermostats have all the smarts with none of the learning curve. Each come preconfigured to offer an unparalleled level of zone control which means comfort is a touch away.

In little more than the space of a closet, Warmboard has finally answered the industry cry for a simple mechanical room. Our Total Warmth System is the turnkey answer to elegantly designed radiant. From Warmboard panels, to Warmsource, controls, manifolds, and even a comprehensive set of engineered designs, Warmboard tackles the mistaken belief that sophisticated has to be complex.

The Total Warmth System continues Warmboard’s tradition of smart engineering. Distilling years of industry advancement into one intelligent solution, it’s as easy to install as it is to enjoy. The Total Warmth System will free builders and buyers alike to reclaim living spaces and bring radiant to those previously inaccessible to. The Total Warmth System leads the way in premium radiant at non-premium price points.

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