Total Warmth System

For over a decade the choice in radiant panels has been between Warmboard and everyone else. But regardless of panel type, the rest of the radiant system was complex, difficult to install, necessitating high labor costs, with the result that radiant systems were often troublesome to maintain and operate.

We've decided to change that.

Starting Q1 of 2015, Warmboard will be offering a revolutionary, fully integrated group of components, which will forever change the face of radiant. The Total Warmth System will deliver a complete system designed to be the perfect pairing for Warmboard panels.

At the heart of the Total Warmth System is Warmsource, a dedicated source of heated water engineered to supply 100% of the heating needs for homes between 1000 and 3000 square feet in virtually any climate zone. This state-of-the-art device automatically modulates water temps for ideal comfort and in the process delivers up to 97% efficiency from natural gas or propane.

New ultra slim touch screen thermostats are elegantly designed, intuitive to use, and sit unobtrusively on your walls. They install into a standard J-box and operate using Power Line Communication (PLC) technology, eliminating hundreds of feet of wiring and hundreds, to thousands, of dollars in labor costs.

In little more than the space of a closet, Warmboard has finally answered the industry cry for a simple mechanical room. Our Total Warmth System redefines radiant through elegant engineering. Finally, with a single phone call you can source the highest conductivity radiant panels available, elegantly engineered design layouts, ultra efficient Warmsource, as well as fully integrated controls, manifolds and thermostats. Warmboard tackles the mistaken belief that sophisticated has to be complex, while slashing the high labor cost that complexity brings.

The Total Warmth System provides everything needed to heat homes up to 3000 square feet. Our complete plumb-and-play heating component, Warmsource, along with easy to use thermostats, wireless manifolds, tubing and high conductivity radiant panels make Warmboard the ideal stop for your next radiant system.

Coming soon.

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