Floor Coverings

Warmboard-S and Warmboard–R are compatible with virtually all floor coverings. Our high conductivity allows for more even floor temperatures distributed across the surface of the floor. This low, even heat means there is no risk of damaging or aging finish flooring unlike some other radiant solutions. As a general rule, whatever method is used to install a given finished floor over regular subfloor, is mimicked over Warmboard-S and Warmboard–R radiant panels.


Warmboard-S and Warmboard–R are particularly well suited for installation with hardwood. Our products provide a substantial nailing platform with plenty of area and thickness to directly fasten hardwood per the National Wood Flooring Association recommendation. This keeps the wood securely in column, greatly adding to its stability.

With wide plank flooring, Warmboard panels are ideal. Wide plank flooring boards have a greater potential to expand and contract more with variations in humidity. Other radiant systems can damage a hardwood floor, due to more extreme variation in temperature and humidity, creating spaces between planks and causing negative movement on the surface, like cupping. Warmboard protects your investment in wide plank hardwood floors by offering the most evenly heating radiant surface in the industry.

Because aluminum covers the entire surface of each panel, and because aluminum is an excellent vapor barrier, no additional covering of any sort is needed leaving the tubing visible to the hardwood installer, easing the hardwood installation process.


See more information on installing hardwood, from our Installation Guide.



Carpet has traditionally been avoided with radiant floor heating because its insulation properties have rendered less powerful systems inadequate.  Warmboard-S and Warmboard–R are such good conductors of heat that they typically have immense reserves of power, enough to overcome the high R value of even thick wool carpet and pad in most heating applications.

No additional substrate is required for the installation of carpet over Warmboard-S and Warmboard–R.  With our recommended pad, carpet is installed directly to Warmboard-S and Warmboard–R.

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Tile and stone are installed above Warmboard-S and Warmboard–R in the same fashion that they are installed above regular plywood or OSB subfloor using a backer board, suitable anti-fracture membrane, or traditional mortar bed. Warmboard panels are also warrantied by various organizations and has undergone rigorous testing by the Tile Council of America (TCNA). These warranties and test results can be found on our Downloads page.

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Vinyl and Linoleum

Vinyl and linoleum are installed over Warmboard-S and Warmboard–R with a suitable substrate.

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