• Conductivity, Not Mass, Is King

    Aluminum is 240 times as conductive as concrete!

    All too often the term “Thermal Mass” is used when discussing radiant heat. Used in this context, it is referencing the ability of a high mass radiant floor assembly to store heat.

    The concept originally made sense in the design of passive solar homes back in the 60’s and 70’s.

  • 50 Years of Progress

    A Lot Has Changed In 50 Years...

    For example, the archetype economy car in 1963 was the VW Beetle. An iconic automobile, but compared to the technology and features of today’s common car; say the Honda Civic, there’s not much comparison. The Honda has better acceleration, gas mileage, horsepower and safety features - not to mention leg room, stereo system, air conditioning; the list goes on. Adjusted for inflation, the difference in price between these automobiles is only $2,500 – just 15%.  

  • What Does Hydronic Radiant Floor Heating Look Like?

    If you have ever wondered what hydronic radiant floor heating looks like you should watch our thermographic videos. Using a thermographic camera we measured the heat output and panel temperatures of Warmboard and competing radiant systems. You'll see the exceptional performance of Warmboard when tested head to head against alternative radiant floor heating options.

  • Warmboard Works - studio 101 designs

    In this series installment we hear from Scott Landry, principal of studio 101 designs, an architecture firm in San Rafael, CA.


“We have found Warmboard's radiant heating subfloor to be a great solution for our clients. It's silent, worry-free, and comfortable. Clients tell us it's wonderful to feel comfortable in their houses without having to even think about climate control - there's no need for ducts and vents, blowing noisy air into the space; no need to worry about maintaining and cleaning a central air system, replacing filters, keeping the air 'balanced'...our clients give...

  • Radiant Heat - Helping You Create a Warm and Simplified Interior Design

    by Shanon Sterrett, Carlisle Wide Plank Floors

    When you are designing a home today what are some ways you can simplify the design? For starters, build a smarter, more functional home.

    Our homes are "cluttered" enough with all the necessities for life, we can find ways to reduce the clutter by careful selections of our interior design components. Many people may not think that their heating system is considered an interior design component - after all, it is just something that sits in the mechanical room in the basement. Think again.

  • Why Conductivity Is So Important

    radiant diagramThe primary job of any radiant panel is to conduct heat from water in a tube to the surface of your floor, causing your home to be comfortably warm. It’s not a surprise that virtually all of the benefits of radiant heat are improved when radiant panels are more conductive.

    Increasing conductivity:

    • Lowers the water temperature needed in the tubing which saves energy

    • Makes floor temperatures more even, and more comfortable