• Why Conductivity Is So Important

    radiant diagramThe primary job of any radiant panel is to conduct heat from water in a tube to the surface of your floor, causing your home to be comfortably warm. It’s not a surprise that virtually all of the benefits of radiant heat are improved when radiant panels are more conductive.

    Increasing conductivity:

    • Lowers the water temperature needed in the tubing which saves energy

    • Makes floor temperatures more even, and more comfortable

  • Warmboard Works - West Bottoms Project in Kansas City

    In this Warmboard Works post we talk to Jeremy and Callie, homeowners who are in the midst of remodeling a 100 year old commercial building into their dream home. The West Bottoms Project is not your run of the mill remodel and these innovative DIY'ers are using Warmboard to bring ultimate comfort to this unique project.

  • Hardwood and Warmboard Radiant Heating

    describe the imageWarmboard and Warmboard–R are particularly well suited for installation with hardwood  for many reasons. The application of solid hardwood floors installed over our radiant heated floor is approved by many hardwood manufacturers and trade organizations alike.

  • Getting Prefabulous with Author Sheri Koones

    In her new book, Prefabulous + Almost Off the Grid: Your Path to Building an Energy-Independent Home, award winning author Sheri Koones demonstrates how prefabrication offers a simple path to the green home of your dreams. Profiling more than thirty of the most energy-efficient homes in the United States (several of which feature Warmboard radiant heating), this user-friendly guide reveals how homebuilders can achieve similar results with the help of floor plans, detailed resource lists, explanations of the latest technologies, and stunning photographs.

  • Warmboard Works - Dorgan & Zuck Contractors

    For the first Warmboard Works installment of 2013 we talk to Dorgan & Zuck Building Contractors located in York, PA.

    "Dorgan & Zuck Contractors has been in business for 31 years and is experienced with many types of construction projects. We have encountered many suppliers, sub-contractors, and products; some standard and some brand new and untested.{C}

  • QuikTrak vs. Warmboard-R radiant heating

    Panel to panel comparison, Warmboard-R costs less than $1 per square foot more than QuikTrak. Now, let's compare a little bit deeper.{C}

    QuikTrak has 7" inch tubing spacing compared WB-R vs QuikTrakto Warmboard's 12" spacing. So right off that bat, you need to almost double the amount of tubing and manifolds. The "savings" is already gone.