• Thinking about remodeling? Consider radiant floor heating.

    The leaves are falling, winter is just around the corner and it's a great time to start thinking about remodeling and improving your home. Home comfort should be at the top of your wish list and what better way to achieve this than through the quiet, invisible warmth of radiant heat. Warmboard delivers the ultimate performance in radiant home heating: fast responding, efficient, and luxuriously comfortable.

  • Warmboard Radiant Heat Offers Complete Design Freedom

    One of the most important things when designing homes or buildings is having the freedom to incorporate all the required design elements to achieve the objective. When faced with limitations and hurdles of the interior space this quest becomes much more difficult.

  • So, what does it cost?

    We delved deep into this question here last year, but wanted to dive into more detail about the cost of Warmboard compared to a specific, common radiant heating application – Gypsum Concrete.

    Again in this analysis, we’ll look at all of the factors that need to be considered when putting a true price on a radiant heating system. If only the cost of the radiant product itself is considered Warmboard can be up to $4/sq ft more, but that comparison is missing numerous key components that are needed to complete any radiant system.

  • Warmboard Heating the Sunset Breezehouse

    Warmboard is proud to have been involved with Sunset Magazine’s 2012 Idea House in Healdsburg, California. The Breezehouse is an efficient, sustainably designed modular residence designed and built by Blu Homes. The two-level structure sits on a steep slope that offers breathtaking views of the Sonoma wine country landscape.

  • Radiant Versatility With Warmboard

    This is a quick look at the many different ways Warmboard and Warmboard-R can be used along with the key benefits our products provide. The pleasant warmth of Warmboard is a subtle experience. Never too hot, never too cold, always just right. Warmboard is the ultimate home heating solution.

    • Warmboard Inc. offers two products that provide the greatest amount of comfort of any radiant system - Warmboard and Warmboard-R

  • Heat Loss and Mechanical Designs

    Warmboard has extensive design services to better assist customers and this includes offering complete Heat Loss and Mechanical designs. Our professionally engineered drawings will specify and size all the necessary mechanical and electrical components needed for a complete Warmboard system – all for a very reasonable price.

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